• Review: Balzac

    1 Dec 2006, 12:31 by djgizmoe

    Here's an old review I dug up from the Japanzine archives...

    Out of the Grave and Into the Dark
    Misfits Records

    “Chaucer. Rabelais. BALZAC!” Anyone recalling “Pick a Little” from The Music Man will remember how absurdly ineffective the invocation of “Balzac” is in inspiring fear. You can see where I’m going with this. Curiously subtitled “Atom-Age Vampire in 308”, this admittedly dirt-cheap CD/DVD set of recent Balzac tracks is a particularly pungent slice of J-punk cheese. Known as Japan’s answer to the Misfits (“Out of the Grave” appears on their idols’ RYKO imprint), Balzac have actually diversified their sound considerably adding more metal and even a hint of digital hardcore to their “horror-punk” sound, most likely due to their association with (the far superior) Mad Capsule Markets’. It hasn’t helped much. Vocals range from growling to screaming to crooning to “whoah-oh-whoahing”. Actually, there’s way too much “whoah-oh-whoahing” (a pissy punk sing-a-long if there ever was one)…