• Balmorhea @ Siroco

    17 Oct 2009, 13:39 by esc4p1st

    Last Sunday, in a mist of cigar smoke and Cava, I left the city I have called home for the better part of the last seven years: Gothenburg, a place once described by a foreign friend of mine as "a veritable chateau of the music landscape". Madrid, my new habitat, may not be able to claim local artistic excellence in the genres revered by both me and said friend, but can nevertheless boast an extremely vivid music scene. Interesting concerts abound, as expected in a major Western city, filling my calendar for the fall to the brim.

    As a warm-up for my most anticipated concert since visiting London in May, I took the opportunity to attend my first Fikasound event. Usually devoted to Swedish indie pop, the Madrid-based promotion company used Thursday's concert at El Sol to showcase two acts from neighboring countries: Danish duo Monkey Cup Dress and, most importantly, Norwegian Rockettothesky, whose wonderful song Grizzly Man had already made a strong impression. …