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  • Avatar for SamGamgee_
    Amazing, epic music!
  • Avatar for Dragnivat
    A true "Epic" band!
  • Avatar for Lale666
  • Avatar for TobogganOfHate
    Starfire Burning Upon the Ice-Veiled Butt of Ultima Thule
  • Avatar for SisterSinister
    They are a great band. I hope they will release more albums.
  • Avatar for Jakeukalane
    Not real transcription.
  • Avatar for deltawing12
    ugh, ?
  • Avatar for Jakeukalane
    Can someone point me for a page where the actual lyrics are? please, don't link me to darklyrics, there are too much text to be all in the song. I want the actual transcription.
  • Avatar for Bal-Sagoth_93
    Check out the compilation CD "BLOODMIST AT DAWN" from Majestic Metal Records featuring two classic Bal-Sagoth tracks. The CD is a companion release to the forthcoming fantasy anthology book "BARBARIAN CROWNS" available soon from Barbwire Butterfly Books.
  • Avatar for TobogganOfHate
    wish i knew what the lyrics are about...
  • Avatar for Ivartist
    Black Metal meets Cartoon Network. [2] Most accurate description for a band ever.
  • Avatar for Liafev
    @RagnarokStein : I love your shout ! :)
  • Avatar for RagnarokStein
    Hurray for absurdly long song names \\(º-º)/
  • Avatar for Russian_Wolf
    болтовня немного подбешивает. но по музыке неплохо
  • Avatar for Astargh
    ELDERBLOOD ( symphonic black metal ) from Ukraine featuring ex-members of Nokturnal Mortum
  • Avatar for Bal-Sagoth_93
    The 20th anniversary release of "Apocryphal Tales", the original 1993 Bal-Sagoth demo, is now available on limited edition 10" vinyl and CD. (The CD version features an exclusive bonus track.) CD version released by Godreah Records, vinyl version released by Exhumation Records!
  • Avatar for Los_Bybys
    I wonder how much time and work each song took to write.
  • Avatar for Asmodeus8797
    Just got the 1993 Bal sagoth demo limited edition CD. It's awseome! Brutal tracks with some sweet bonus material. :)
  • Avatar for CptQwark
    Thankfully I already have the old versions of all the previous albums. AA was the worst anyway.
  • Avatar for CptQwark
    I just got my hands on the remastered limited digipack edition of Atlantis Ascendant, and apparently they completely butchered the dynamic range with this remaster. Old version clocked at DR9 (very good for a metal album), while the new one only gets DR7 with all the metal tracks getting DR6 (brickwalled). I feel so cheated.
  • Avatar for Svargedorath
    All hail Bal-Sagoth, King of all Kings !
  • Avatar for Svargedorath
    ბლოდუ ოკ ჯარნა ბიჩიზ !
  • Avatar for Neue_regel_
    Callisto rising, good melodic BM track
  • Avatar for danayala666
    I don't know how I haven't heard anything from Bal-Sagoth before A great band
  • Avatar for pkmetal
    I've been a BS fan for more than a decade, during which time there has been 1 new album released! C'mon, guys! That's.... BS of another kind!
  • Avatar for Bal-Sagoth_93
    The 20th anniversary edition of Bal-Sagoth's original 1993 demo "Apocryphal Tales" will be released by UK label Godreah Records, on limited edition 10" vinyl and CD (the CD will feature a bonus track). Pre-order or reserve copies at
  • Avatar for silversadheart
    @MarcosRV: hahaha nice!
  • Avatar for MarcosRV
    Black Metal meets Cartoon Network.
  • Avatar for brazzo23
    this is totally awesome:
  • Avatar for Asmodeus8797
    Is the 1993 demo vinyl LP release out yet? How much will it be?
  • Avatar for -Rivfader-
    They ever going to put out a new album?
  • Avatar for Atreidezz
  • Avatar for rtrueblood
    I'm on a Bal-Sagoth kick after not listening to them in a long time, and I forgot how enjoyable and easy to listen to it is. I don't think I even noticed the black metal vocals when I first heard these guys fifteen years ago. My buddy always called it "Disney Metal" and I think that gets at the heart of it: the orchestral elements, the upbeat drums, the epicness, fantastic.
  • Avatar for BerlinerTemplar
  • Avatar for Bal-Sagoth_93
    The 1993 Bal-Sagoth demo will be getting a limited edition 20th anniversary vinyl release soon. An ancient artefact from the archival vault... unleashed at last!
  • Avatar for OfExistence
    what is this fagoth shit
  • Avatar for BearWitnessUnto
    love the OTT song names
  • Avatar for metalinvader34
    Power Cosmic!
  • Avatar for lumsk666
    Shackled To The Trilithon Of Kutulu и Atlantis Ascendant зашибись.
  • Avatar for Metality
    Balls, a goth...
  • Avatar for ScumMeOutBitch
    Pagan/Viking Metal from US with stunning orchestra and epic arrangements's+Wake?ac=winter's%20wake
  • Avatar for BungaloWren
    Most of their shit is horrible and I love it for that reason! One of my all time favorites.
  • Avatar for PilariousD
    Balls of Faggot
  • Avatar for Asmodeus8797
    Starfire remains their best album for me. Pure dark & epic majesty!
  • Avatar for Gashcadarn
    Don't know the band well, but The Power Cosmic seems legit.
  • Avatar for SkylineFugitive
    Over 6 years without new releases? Make more music please!
  • Avatar for Holg666
    I wanna return with them among the stars! I wanna rule with them a thousand worlds! BLSGTH RLS!
  • Avatar for bakesmusic
  • Avatar for Goathornedgod66
    Hailz and cheers to BAL-SAGOTH and for their fans \,,/
  • Avatar for Asmodeus8797
    Not when Atlantis Ascendant has such great tracks as the Dreamer in the catacombs of ur! Thats one of my fave sagoth songs. :)


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