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  1. The Blind are a Hardcore Punk band from Dublin, Ireland.



    David Balfe - Vocals

    Robert Lyons - Bass

    Lee Brown - Guitar…

  2. 1) Bang Bros are a Hardcore Punk band from Dublin, Ireland. They play in the style of Boston Hardcore.

    2) Bang Bros is a Dutch formation of…

  3. Hardcore band from Dublin, Ireland. Class.

    now called Famine

  4. 5 dudes from Dublin Bay hanging out, eating Supermac's Blueberry Muffins, playing pop-punk.

    Get busy.

  5. Hardcore band from Long Island, NY…

  6. Dublin hardcore punk.

  7. We're a five piece hardcore band from the Bay in Dublin, Ireland.. We play fast, short songs with a high dose of positive aggression. We're having…


    2. Raw Punk from Malaysia.

  9. 1. Shipwreck is a Champaign, Illinois band signed to None Records, an offshoot of Polyvinyl Records.

    Shipwreck was also the original name of the…

  10. There are more than one band of the name Ironclad.

    1) Hardcore band from Cardiff, Wales on Dead and Gone records.

    2) Heavy Metal band from…

  11. Disambiguation:

    1) Dead Wrong was a post-hardcore band from Cheetham Hill, UK.
    Discography (all released in 1994):
    * s/t 7'' on Armed With Anger…

  12. There are 2 bands named cornered

    1)Hardcore Punk from the Netherlands, formed in 2009.

    Demo 2009 on War Inside Records
    Out now: Demo 7" on…

  13. Hammer Bros are fucking up this world with every chance they get.
    Fast, pissed, hardcore punk from Merrimack Valley, Massachusetts, USA.


  14. Seattle, WA

  15. sawchuk is a hardcore band from michigan. They released the miserable ep in 2010. look for them on tour.

  16. Hardcore from Lexington, Kentucky.

  17. Hardcore from New Bedford, Massachusetts featuring Pat Flynn of Have Heart, Trevor Vaughan of XFilesX, Derek DaSilva, and Evan Radigan of The…

  18. LOOK MY WAY was born in the summer of 2010 with the goal to create heavy, blood pumping hardcore with origins based in classic east coast hc…

  19. Hardcore band from various south of Boston towns

    Shoe City Records


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