• Where the sky meets the trees

    6 Apr 2008, 20:34 by helveticaman

    One of my best friends (Jenna -- restringing) had birthday yesterday, so a mix cd was in order. Our friendship means so much to me--we used to spend every day together (at work) and actually became friends through the sharing of music. We discovered together and have very similar tastes in music but never actually exchanged mix cds.

    Some time ago we stopped working in the same office which was a growing pain in our relationship. I feel like I took for granted all that time we spent together sharing and talking about music. Last November, on my birthday, she made me a wonderful mix and yesterday I returned the gesture.

    As far as the mix goes, the back story is that I had been formulating my own mix for her for months now and all the work I had done was lost a few days ago when I accidentally deleted my music collection during an upgrade. Sad and stupid, I know, but I wasn't going to let it prevent me from getting this project done on time for her birthday. I decided to start over and spent a day combing through last. …