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  1. Louisville, KY straight edge hardcore band formed in 2010.

  2. A hardcore band from Atlanta, Ga.

  3. Hardcore punk band from Atlanta, Georgia

  4. Thought Crusade is a hardcore punk band based in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The band consists of Ryan W. on vocals, Ben W. and Adam D. on guitar,…

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  6. United Youth is an youth crew band from Kingston, Pennsylvania.

  7. Virginia Beach based band that sounds like Warzone up until their Open Your Eyes LP... With a voice like the late Raybeez, a sounds that can only…

  8. Hardcore band out of Baltimore, Maryland.

    Love Songs Ep available for download at http://www.mediafire.com/?zadtdhh2dj1…

  9. FOCUSEDXMINDS is a Straight Edge band out of Milwaukee, WI. FxM stands for forward thinking and the Straight Edge, The demo is available now for…

  10. Boston Straight Edge 2001-2002.
    Lockin' out records.

  11. Hardcore band from Indiana/Kentucky

  12. Orlando, Florida, USA.


    NOT straight edge.

    Jeff / Christian / Andrew.


  13. There are at least 2 artist with the name "Creatures"

    1) In the fall of 2007, five friends came together to play metalcore and crossover thrash…

  14. Hardcore band from Boston, USA formerly known as Dumptruck.

  15. Forfeit is a band birthed by the inspiration that its members drew from the legacy of their local scene. Having all been in previous hardcore…

  16. There's more than one band with this name.

    (1) Enough formed in January of 2006 at Ohio Northern University, and it features William Gaddis on…


  18. 90's style metal/HC, rap metal/rapcore and now nu-metal from Chicago. Their "Enemy" demo was released in September of 2009. …

  19. There are three artists with the same name

    1) Deathbed is a metallic hardcore band from Atlanta, GA drawing influences from mid 90s metalcore…


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