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  • Where are you getting this new song? And answer my below question too!
  • im seeing them in may (not at the lame sasquatch festival) theyre playing the day before in Portland at a smaller bar/venue. gonna be so fucking good.
  • RWG
    'Don't Bother Me' is so underrated.
  • aanswer meeeeeee
  • Amazing band, minus the homophobia.
  • Is it true that if you went to see Bad Brains on a Sunday they'd only play their dubby songs?
  • grandes músicos y mejores personas.
  • You would be an arsehole to if you grew up during the 70s and 80s
  • deffo one of the most underrated bands of that era. H.R has problems. but he was/is a great frontman.
  • Great band, too bad they were arseholes.
  • HR = Best front man of all time. Fuck those big huge rock stars, HR had REAL stage presence (sp) also, Bad Brains are one of the hardest HC bands ever. I love them
  • id pretty much say the Bad Brains are/were the kings of DC hardcore. to me personally, Minor Threat has got nothing on these dudes...but then again thats like comparing summer and spring. can't wait for the new album/tour!
  • I hope a Blink-182 fanboy reads AP from a couple of months ago where the drummer from that shitty band is wearing a Bad Brains shirt and the fan will get into some real music.
  • No one rocks quite like Bad Brains, still grossly underrated after all these years despite their vast influence and pioneering music. I wish I could give black dots to every kid who thinks blink 182 and greenday are so punk.
  • man, so bad after I against I, really a shame.
  • new album! all original members! 2007 international tour! holy fucking shit!
  • amazing how good bands like Bad Brains and Buzzcocks sound now, after listening to all the newer bands...love this stuff. would've been trippy to have seen them when they were new...
  • warum schreibt ihr alle english
  • Dub album is fucking amazing too
  • I saw some video of this band, his voice remindes me Layne Staley ...
  • I think HR has one of the most Unique voices I've ever heard.
  • black dots really isnt a good history lesson in hardcore. it helps, but there was obviously more involved in the evolution of HC punk
  • I've been reading a history of American hardcore, I hadn't realised that BB were so anti-homosexual, apparently they lost of lot of friends in the HC scene with their attitude.
  • hey guys check this out. Im from maryland . and bad brains are awesome live
  • I love Bad Brains, mostly old stuff however, I prefer to listen to their Greatest Riffs album than their self titled.
  • HR is the best vocallist ever. especially in the early days.
  • I Against I sounds rad. I love their old stuff, but there was nothing wrong whatsoever with that album...except there were only a few tracks.
  • Any of y'all heard the new live release from a collection of CBGBs footage in 1982?
  • loved this band in the 80's/90's they still are the ultimate hardcore influence
  • I went to high school with Doc and Daryl's sons
  • One of my all time favs.
  • Insound is run by a midget?
  • Black Dots for 9.99 at Insound.com! support the little guy! http://www.insound.com/soundsaver.php
  • anyone goin to see em at CBGBs next week? i wanna go to the underdog show but got no ride
  • also not an I Against I fan, black dots is so badass
  • i really like i against i. i have to be in a different mood for it but it doesn't mean it's not good. i like it as much as their other stuff.
  • i against i sucks ass, it doesn't sound like the real bad brains at all, bad musical evolution
  • lol. by the way, what's their best album? seems like everybody likes the self-titled lp, but is i against i better?
  • Would someone please send me I Against I. I cant seem to find it anywhere.
  • you can't hurt me. why? i'm banned in DC.
  • great


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