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-"Carry On Up the Morning" (Peter Doherty, Michael Whitnall) – 2:57+ 
-"Delivery" (Doherty, Whitnall) – 2:41+
-"You Talk" (Doherty, Kate Moss) – 3:30+
-"UnBiloTitled" (Doherty, Peter Wolfe, Adam Ficek) – 3:52+
-"Side of the Road" (Doherty) – 2:09+
-"Crumb Begging Baghead" (Doherty, Whitnall) – 3:43+
-"Unstookie Titled" (Doherty, Whitnall, Ficek) – 4:30+
-"French Dog Blues" (Doherty, Ian Brown, Moss) – 3:32+
-"There She Goes" (Doherty) – 3:36+
-"Baddie's Boogie" (Toczek, Doherty, Whitnall, Moss) – 3:55+
-"Deft Left Hand" (Doherty, Whitnall, Moss) – 4:04+
-"Lost Art of Murder" (Doherty) – 4:38+

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Shotter's Nation is the second album by English rock band Babyshambles and was released in the United Kingdom on October 1, 2007 by Parlophone[1] to generally favourable reviews.[2][3] In the United States the album was released on October 23, 2007 by Astralwerks.[4] The first single from the album, "Delivery", was released on September 17, 2007.[5] The album was produced by Stephen Street and recorded at Olympic Studios in London, England.[6] The acoustic closer, "The Lost Art of Murder", features a guest appearance from Bert Jansch.[7] It is the first Pete Doherty album without Mick Jones producing and his first released by a major label. In an interview with NME magazine, Pete Doherty said that The Strokes (and solo) guitar player Albert Hammond, Jr., plays guitar on the album. Doherty did not mention the track's name, but did say it was an extremely short three bars of music. A limited edition of the album contains a DVD with a 40-minute track-by-track interview, 5 live songs recorded at the Boogaloo on 5 July 2007, and the music video of "Delivery". The album's cover painting by Alizé Meurisse is based on the painting The Death of Chatterton by Henry Wallis (1856). It also originally featured an image of Kate Moss, which was replaced with an unknown lookalike.[8] It was reported Kate Moss has given up the royalties for the songs she co-wrote on Shotter's Nation.[9] The song "There She Goes" has been compared to "Lovecats" by The Cure by Garry Mulholland of The Observer.[10] Drew McConnell revealed in interviews that the band wanted the song to sound something like "Walk on the Wild Side" by Lou Reed.[citation needed] The band promoted the album by appearing in TV and radio shows in France and in the UK. They then played "Delivery" at the MTV EMA. The performance has been widely acclaimed. There is a video for "French Dog Blues" featuring an animated French Dog. Ian Brown has songwriting credits to the aforementioned song. This is because the song contains a verse from "Deep Pile Dreams", a song from Brown's first album Unfinished Monkey Business. The album was #14 in NME albums of the year.