• Buck-Tick @ Zepp Tokyo w/ Masami Tsuchiya

    30 Jul 2007, 03:03 by serity12682

    Sat 7 Jul – BUCK-TICK Tour PARADE

    Today was a good show. Buck-Tick themselves were really amazing, but the set list was kind of short I thought. :/ And basically the same as Yokohama Blitz.

    Me and Hope arrived a bit early to accomodate for my getting lost or something, or missing trains or whatever catastrophe could cause me to lose my place in a ticket line. We met up with Tina and an adorable girl from Sweden, then helped them find their place in line after buying goods. XD I bought a Zepp tee and a muffler towel, yey, too bad it's pink. We waited in line for ages, then went inside and up to our second floor seats, which were basically dead center about three rows from the front. The view was great, and it really got a lot better.

    We were sitting there waiting for the show to start and watching people come in when all of a sudden I saw some guy in a pair of sunglasses come in and start chatting with some people in the front row. …
  • B-T Parade @ Yokohama Blitz (w/Runaway Boys)

    7 Jun 2007, 16:07 by serity12682

    Wed 6 Jun – BUCK-TICK Tour PARADE

    I worked today until 5:40 so I was massively stressed about getting back to Blitz in time to get my ticket number called (doors opened at 6). I made it to Blitz, including time I paused to change my clothes in the train station, at by 6:20 and no one had been let in yet. >> The line didn't move up until 6:40, and right around this time I saw a guy walk by in a Coaltar of the Deepers shirt. XD I got inside right around 6:50, I'm amazed they moved that many people that fast (I was ticket 1069 btw). I packed my cellphone in a locker, so this is where I stop knowing time stamps. 8D

    There was some strange Sinatra-esque music in the background as we waited, and it was only about 15-20 minutes (through tuning) before the music from -- get this -- BATMAN RETURNS comes on the speakers. XD What's worse is I recognized it instantly. -_- Then the Deepers were on. I tried to write down what I thought of their songs as a pseudo-set list. Here:

    1. hummy seemlingly wordless thing