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  • Avatar for infinity-inc
    The bit at the end with the kid singing creeps me the hell out.
  • Avatar for marieclyrics
    brilliant song!! Kaia is so adorable
  • Avatar for Rhyme79
    That rain sounds beautiful!
  • Avatar for DerpBrigade
  • Avatar for RickLip
    The humble version misses Kaia's vocals! I cannot believe BT himself did these radio edits, they are too disappointing.
  • Avatar for bhairav
    The key change is my favorite part of an amazing song!
  • Avatar for EternalExodus
    wtf creepy singing? hearing those words from the mouth of a child makes them ten times more emotional imo. I absolutely adore this song.
  • Avatar for gwakamole
    This song alone was reason enough for him to win the Grammy, but of course he didn't.
  • Avatar for Shponglation
    The Role Model for all fathers:)
  • Avatar for ThisGame
    Good song but I agree about the creepy singing at the end, haha.
  • Avatar for TheOneHalf
    Amazing song :)
  • Avatar for Pyroshock
    Haha I guess I'm the only one that though it was a little creepy when his daughter started singing.
  • Avatar for outtacontrol09
    love it!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for bitsmart
    Oh my, tears of joy, Kaia is an angel. Beautiful song. The rain is time-corrected, like everything else in BT's music. BT has been one of my absolute favorite artists for years, and this album is truly moving, like Emotional Technology was for me.
  • Avatar for bebitokeks
    What a guy...if there were more fathers like him the world would be a better place...the song is wonderful like everything BT does... :)
  • Avatar for csonsntheabyss
    I love how he included his daughter in this.
  • Avatar for masaki871012
    Love the child's voice. So cute
  • Avatar for Haterabbit
    Definitely the best track on the album. I always smile and tear up a little when Kaia comes on.
  • Avatar for varduum
    Truly a great catchy one.
  • Avatar for brianwelsch
    Woohoo! Sing it, Kaia! lol... that was great. :)
  • Avatar for aquastructure
    "Tagged as: electronica, breaks, kaia, obnoxious children singing." the last is 100% correct, great job
  • Avatar for Nabhan
    This song is amazing, I can really relate to the lyrics.
  • Avatar for star-samurai
    Awwww Kaia~ that part was precious. ♥♥
  • Avatar for Levifur
    thats so fkin cuteeee <3
  • Avatar for 2487
    omg the kid <3
  • Avatar for lucas220
    Brilliant is right! BT can produce any genre and it will sound amazing. I wouldn't really classify this as trance but it's incredible nonetheless.
  • Avatar for Liebe_Ist
    A masterpiece. Amazing <3
  • Avatar for sboy2010
    This track is absolutely beautiful.
  • Avatar for fsk-_-
    It is Kaia Transeau – BT's daughter – at the end. A sweet and powerful cameo on a fantastic track.
  • Avatar for outtacontrol09
    love this song!! fantastic lyrics
  • Avatar for rusique
    child's voice in the end is awesome )
  • Avatar for djcraze
    mehcore, I would assume so. That is what I figured, anyways.
  • Avatar for mehcore
    Is that Kaia @ 6:28?
  • Avatar for Rabb4466
    such a good song :3
  • Avatar for kalbarofficial

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