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  • Avatar for sober-
    Sping Big is great <3 glad to hear something new from her
  • Avatar for delphalune
    Twenty years today since Bonnie released her debut album, Blue Jam. <3
  • Avatar for Paradesu
    come back Bonnie! [12]
  • Avatar for Inanimentis
    come back Bonnie! [11]
  • Avatar for IndieLover4ever
    come back Bonnie! [10]
  • Avatar for sbirkoff
    Try J-Pop/J-Rock artist [artist]西野名菜[/artist](Nishino Nana).
  • Avatar for Grify-chan
    come back Bonnie! [9]
  • Avatar for Liokt
    come back Bonnie! [8]
  • Avatar for crimsonectar
    come back Bonnie! [7]
  • Avatar for VenusInTheDark
    come back Bonnie! [6] stop touring and release something new.
  • Avatar for sober-
    come back Bonnie! [5]
  • Avatar for Grify-chan
    come back Bonnie! [4]
  • Avatar for UKokapi
    Golden Tears <3
  • Avatar for Divlyfein
    For her birthday I think there are a few albums that have to be listened too =)
  • Avatar for PanSheen
    Outstanding Japanese R&B artist
  • Avatar for shibuyadepunch
    come back Bonnie! [3]
  • Avatar for Divlyfein
    come back Bonnie! [2] Yes please!
  • Avatar for ropedancer
    come back Bonnie!
  • Avatar for yapooos
    Bonnie is just perf
  • Avatar for ropedancer
    Would love to see new music from her in 2014!
  • Avatar for LeOnlovesJapan
    I have more than 2000 plays and I still have so much from her to discover. A great artist.
  • Avatar for deadgrandma
    Likin' her new song with SOIL AND PIMP SESSIONS. Very sexy.
  • Avatar for VenusInTheDark
    Maybe she's making a new album? That would be awesome!
  • Avatar for Divlyfein
    I love this girl.
  • Avatar for sober-
    I have to say I'm kinda surprised we're by the middle of the year and she doesn't have any new single out yet. Guess I got a bit used to having new music from her in the beginning of the year
  • Avatar for baboona
    She turned 40 and is probably looking as flawless as ever [3]
  • Avatar for nostalgicwindow
    She turned 40 and is probably looking as flawless as ever [2]
  • Avatar for Dulukk
  • Avatar for p38lightning7
    Don't forget to give the Daisy EP a try, its really good too!
  • Avatar for lilac_neko
    Love her latest album, tbh <3
  • Avatar for VenusInTheDark
    I would start with Golden Tears just because it's such a fantastic album.
  • Avatar for delphalune
    v I'm also a big fan of all the artists you listed. My first Bonnie Pink album was Even So, which for me is a perfect soundtrack for spring. Thinking Out Loud is very appealing for the same uplifting spring feeling. I wouldn't recommend you begin with any of her most recent albums; she was certainly making her best music between 1997-2007, or at least I think so. I'd be delighted if you let me know what you think after you listen :)
  • Avatar for HimitsuUK
    Bonnie FTW!
  • Avatar for ropedancer
    Tis the season to listen to CHAIN!
  • Avatar for heartarkray
    Animal Rendezvous <3
  • Avatar for depechedream
    vvv She is like a bottle of fine wine. She gets better with age! ;-)
  • Avatar for ropedancer
    Wish they had put Keep Crawling on the new album. Such a catchy song!
  • Avatar for Pridewrath
    Bonnie Pink *-*
  • Avatar for fierycrimson
    Wow now that I think of it, BONNIE's turning 40 this next year and yet it doesn't show. Really, she defies aging amazingly. ;)
  • Avatar for shibuyadepunch
    I still need to purchase her new album! Sounds good :)
  • Avatar for chocobooo
    I gave the album another shot and it's not that bad!
  • Avatar for yapooos
    Bonnie Pink's music brings back some lovely memories. ♥
  • Avatar for ropedancer
    After listening to the album a couple times, I can honestly say that I enjoy it. I don't think it's her strongest album (the second half- from Animal Rendezvous on- is noticeably stronger than the first) but it's a lot of fun. I particularly like Animal Rendezvous, Don't Cry for Me Anymore, Change, and Stand Up!
  • Avatar for VenusInTheDark
    Can't get enough of Stand Up! and Tiger Lily.
  • Avatar for ciel-BLeu89
    Stand Up! so lovely songs .
  • Avatar for chocobooo
    am I the only one who thinks the new album is rather boring? :/
  • Avatar for xDark_Oblivionx
    Tiger Lily has grown on me, its such an awesome song
  • Avatar for sober-
    I like the new album :D It's not as good as Dear Diary but it has some catchy tracks and the others are not boring at all (imo)
  • Avatar for Paradesu
    Tiger Lily ♥ the new album is really good i agree. I like also the cover. And i actually like it that she uses more japanese in her songs :) she sounds more comfortable singing in japanese obviously so it sounds better mostly.
  • Avatar for xDark_Oblivionx
    New album is fantastic. [2] and yea it would be awesome if she does more english tracks on her albums


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