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Bluestone Company

bluestone companymembers:
Toshihiro Sumitomo (guitar, vocal)
Taizo Takafuji (drums)
Yoshihiro Ogasahara (bass)

The Savoy Truffle was formed in Osaka, Japan in 1991. Over the next fourteen years, the band released five albums to rave reviews and touring the USA, Germany, the Czech Republic, Spain, Austria and Italy.

In January 2002, The Savoy Truffle entered a recording session for their 4th studio album. In June of that same year the band flew to Sweden, the first Japanese artist to be invited to perform at SWEDEN ROCK FEST. On Jun 26th, the band released their 4th album Take To The Sky And Fly, in Japan. Their 3rd CD “LIVE! On Our Way” was released in August in Europe. They signed with Blue BUFFALO Records and their 2nd album The Savoy Truffle was released in Germany in September and the rest of Europe at the end of October.

The Savoy Truffle was nominated the best artist in the southern rock magazine BAND OF DIXIE‘s readers’ poll 2002 and the album Take To The Sky And Fly was nominated as the best album. What’s more; all four band members were nominated for “best of” for their musical talents. Ogasahara, for his bass and Sumitomo coming in second place for his guitar work. Monji coming in third as best vocalist and Taizo coming in second for his drumming.

Over the next two years the band toured Japan, performing in Spain and Austria too. Returning to Japan, the band began work on their 5th studio album Roadhouse Boogie, released on March 27, 2004. On July 31st, of that year The Savoy Truffle performed at the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan. Their album Roadhouse Boogie was released in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and the band toured Germany, the Czech Republic and Italy in October promoting it. When the band returned to Japan, Vocalist Monji quit.

In 2005, Toshihiro, Yoshihiro, Taizo and Taro formed ‘Bluestone Company’ and in 2006, the band invited Chris Duarte to Japan. Since then, Chris Duarte has played a limited number of U.S. and Japan dates with the Bluestone Company backing him and culminating in the release of the album 396 by Chris Duarte and Bluestone Co.

In December of 2006, Bluestone Company released their first album Bluestone Co. Followed by their second release Supernatural Delight (available at Amazon) in 2008.

“Based out of Osaka, Japan, Bluestone Company delivers an amazingly brilliant, blues-based heavy guitar musical document full of depth, power and class on the awesome “Supernatural Delight” disc. Led by the amazing and gifted Toshihiro Sumitomo on guitar (whom many consider to be the Warren Haynes of Japan and we mean that with full respect to Mr. Haynes). Toshi bends and shapes a vast array of vintage “old school” bluesy tones, colors, shapes and endless, fantastic, mind-blowing solos out of his Les Paul that will have your head spinning in disbelief as he works his phenomenal 6 string magic direct to your earhole.”

Bluestone Company is a blues jam rock band that respects soul, blues and rock-n-roll music. Trying, to surpass the bands that they admire most.

Official Website: BLUESTONE co.
MySpace: BLUESTONE co.
Grooveyard Records: Bluestone Company - Supernatural Delight
CDBaby: Bluestone Company - Supernatural Delight

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