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  • Avatar for headeynyp
    [track artist=Brian Fahey and His Orchestra]Pick of the Pops (At the Sign of The Swingin' Cymbal)[/track]
  • Avatar for ShelliLovesGM
    I am looking forward to listening to Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders over the festive period.
  • Avatar for RockinStella
    The Caezars Weree Great :D :D :D :D :D Gotta Havee Themm On Your Show Againn !!! :D
  • Avatar for UnconsciousJ, Check us out, and download our recently released E.P for FREE!!!
  • Avatar for ShelliLovesGM
    I miss Jonathan Ross, saturdays will never be the same again.
  • Avatar for Jeggles
    I miss Russell Brand. Sooooo much. He was the high light of my week. :(
  • Avatar for pogboy
    Russell Brand is crap! Keep this idiot off the air.
  • Avatar for Bekki_xoxo
    Sigh i miss the Russell Brand Show =( i still have some old podcast i lasten to! Those were they days! i wish i had some more tho!
  • Avatar for Spencetastic
    Woe is me, I miss this podcast.
  • Avatar for aandy
    argh i miss this show. bloody scandals
  • Avatar for SexiiSnoweh
  • Avatar for djdiva921
    america on holiday.
  • Avatar for tashy41
    even this week, Brand still tops the charts...although the podcasts were getting shit, if matt were here it would have never happened...speaking of matt...does anyone know where he went?
  • Avatar for Cannsaw
    Come on, how can you turn down - Steve Wright, Terry Wogan and Chris Evans. BBC Radio Grandparents
  • Avatar for djdiva921
    Stupid Stupid station. You only have to look at the top tracks to see what a mistake you've made.
  • Avatar for Cannsaw
    "Brand: End of podcast" is the most depressing podcast ever AND IT ONLY LASTS 13 SECONDS D:
  • Avatar for poppyapocalypse
    it was by far the best podcast on itunes
  • Avatar for poppyapocalypse
    how did i know that the 18th of october would be the most popular podcast :')
  • Avatar for francescayeah
    yeaah it got shit without was good 'cos they bounce off each other and you got to see the non-egotistical side to Russell that you see when he does stand up.
  • Avatar for EliteOfSolThree
    im distraught. the russell brand show was the greatest podcast ive ever had the honour to listen to ='(
  • Avatar for akf2000
    Fucking BBC Trust, I don't accept your apology. FUCK YOU MANUEL.
  • Avatar for incarnivore
    Yeah, it definitely wouldn't be the same, but Matt needs to be *somewhere*.
  • Avatar for aandy
    (not that matt isnt good, hes funnier than russell. except there wouldnt be the double act atmosphere)
  • Avatar for aandy
    gutted! matt indeed needs his own show, but it wouldn't be the same i guess
  • Avatar for incarnivore
    Matt needs to get his own hard rock show.
  • Avatar for ASharkWithKnees
    It's Matt, Gee etc I feel most sorry for. They're out of a job without doing anything.
  • Avatar for MamboSun
  • Avatar for Cannsaw
    LOL at Radio 2 losing their biggest and second biggest shows over some wankfest where everyone pretends to be offended. hopefully Russell will still release podcasts from elsewhere
  • Avatar for psp2468
    I will miss Russell Brand podcast dearly :(
  • Avatar for francescayeah sign it lads! doesnt actually do shit really but hey might aswell !
  • Avatar for ASharkWithKnees
    Fuck. Matt needs his own show!
  • Avatar for francescayeah
    I am actually so freakin pissed!! If only Matt had been there...noooooo. Fucking hell...i cant believe he resigned..seriously..i actually love that podcast so much you wouldn't believe. Bloody andrew sachs...serves that bird right..what do you expect when you're part of the 'satanic sluts'. we need to start a petition to get him hired again haha
  • Avatar for James_Gull
    The Russell and Noel one was one of the funniest yet.. Noel needs to actually present, he's hilarious.
  • Avatar for francescayeah
    Seriously..where's Matt? He and Russell can't have fallen out..and who takes a 6 week holiday from a 2 hour radio show?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  • Avatar for aandy
    why is matt not back?! i hope to god he won't disappear like trevor lock
  • Avatar for simfos
    Hey , you might like to check out Figg , great new band with a cool global style & sound from the USA , hope you like them , thanks GR
  • Avatar for francescayeah
    where the hell is matt?! a 3 week holiday? Who the hell does he think he is?!'s so weird without him..although the alan carr one was bloody brilliant.
  • Avatar for aandy
    hes on holiday with his girlfriend i think! i heard russ say on the amstell one last week or whatever agreed with everyone else, matt is amazing, not really that bothered about russell
  • Avatar for matt_birdman
    I stopped listening a couple of months back, has matt left?!!
  • Avatar for Mikolajk
    It's good, but it's not right!
  • Avatar for Jack6717
    I listening to old podcasts to get my matt fix.
  • Avatar for Paperdoll--
    Simon Amstell and Russell Brand. <3. And now Noel Gallagher. But I do miss Matt ^^
  • Avatar for victoriadover
    I agree with francesayeah! he does it with noel fielding too. still love him though.
  • Avatar for Jack6717
    Matt is hilarious-er
  • Avatar for francescayeah
    I'm having withdrawal symptoms! Come baaaack
  • Avatar for fingerscrossedx
    every russell brand podcast is bloody brilliant. russell and matt are a briliiant comedic team.
  • Avatar for francescayeah
    I always notice that Matt'll make all the good jokes, then Russell will just elaborate on them. Matt's actually wittier than Russell.
  • Avatar for Clarke101
    hehe I had a feeling this might be mostly due to Russell Brand.
  • Avatar for MLeistiko
    Saturday's podcast gave me a pretty good laugh.
  • Avatar for podcastify
    Added to Podcast! (


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