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  • Avatar for imzoee
    luv scott n chris
  • Avatar for fuckbecca
    Why has there been no scott mills daily podcasts for a week!?!?!?
  • Avatar for sylvialovenew20
    Hi there, Plz listen to my new song!!
  • Avatar for Erkan-Yilmaz
    Hello, I've put [url=]here[/url] some info about BBC Radio 1: a list of users who have this radio in their neighbour pages (I call them "true listeners") and there is an artist recommendation based on those users. Thanks, Erkan (from [group]6 degrees[/group]) P.S. the list may contain less users since I do not have yet all users processed.
  • Avatar for Matt_J_ttaM
    Nero minimix - BIG
  • Avatar for jjharr
    I wish they'd start putting the "R1Mix:" prefix back on the minimixes.
  • Avatar for Wolfgang_Marcos
    CHRIS MOYLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for AlexCheatle
    :) you might like my music -
  • Avatar for UnconsciousJ
    Gotta love Radio 1!!! Come check out Unconscious Jungle play in Manchester this September.
  • Avatar for RaabMC
    Chris Moyles in the morning . . . sheer bliss.
  • Avatar for oRiCoNsTyLE
    I hope Scott Mills doesn't forget his own "K-POP day" suggestion!
  • Avatar for powderedegg
    The changes to Zane's podcast are rubbish, bring back the old style
  • Avatar for mangoandchutney
    Zane's podcast just annoyed me this week.
  • Avatar for chungcyk
    The PR4L Does gaga's telephone! absolutely amazing!
  • Avatar for Dinyctis
    BBC Radio 1 NIGHTS!
  • Avatar for Julianchicken
    Mills lost if for a bit after Chappers left, but he's back on track now :D Brilliant show :D
  • Avatar for SP1984
    Bid up the radio1
  • Avatar for jr1991
    Concerning the Scott Mills podcast, currently on the one from the 13th January, and all of the podcasts that have come after Chappers left, have been 3 star, while before, when he was on the show they were 4 and 5 stars, with admittedly some 3 stars but you get the point!
  • Avatar for emonsoel
    I really miss Chappers :'(
  • Avatar for jessburn123
    The Scott Mills show will not be the same without Chappers. :(
  • Avatar for MoveMenth
    which one do you like??? :)
  • Avatar for jr1991
    Same, chungcyk (N)
  • Avatar for chungcyk
    Gonna miss Chappers :(
  • Avatar for jr1991
    Chappers is hilarious!
  • Avatar for robslater90
    zane lowe is the best. chris moyles is annoying with his loud jokes in the morning that aren't even funny. scott mills alright but tbh i dont lsten to the rdaio much as i dont like most of the music. zane lowe plays decent stuff.
  • Avatar for jr1991
    The Scott Mills Show is so funny atm :)
  • Avatar for Melbourne1992
  • Avatar for styleZ_n_breeZe
    mills is the best
  • Avatar for frekklesxxx
    err no moyles is so much better than anyone else aprt from reggie and fearne - i hate scott mills!!
  • Avatar for Auctoria
    moyles is a cunt. i don't want some tosser shouting down my radio when i'm walking up. to much shitey rnb.
  • Avatar for Mongassen
    Chris Moyles is an irritating bastard, he's not even funny! Scott Mills on the other hand...What a fuckin' legend!
  • Avatar for danski88
    Zane Lowe i fucken Love U, i miss Chriss Moyles barking and screaming for breakfast, sad that I'm at work in the morning (in Poland) , I miss u UK :)
  • Avatar for Jonzo67
    Moyles isn't the greatest DJ in the world but his show is far superior to Mills. Plus Mills really irritates me...
  • Avatar for Chumping
    if you're on this page not because of scott mills but because you honestly harbour some kind of taste that makes you like chris moyles, then yer a fucken idiot.
  • Avatar for DaveJaVu01
    Mills ftw ! ... chappers = ledge, and obv the posh radio 4 lady ! =] should bring back flirt divert ..
  • Avatar for powderedegg
    Bring back Mark & Lard in the afternoon!!
  • Avatar for tayloreverett
    mills ftw
  • Avatar for wanneeickel11
    experimental with mary anne hobbs, dude. ♥
  • Avatar for antiantianti86
    Scott Mills is brilliant! Anyone has Download festival podcasts?
  • Avatar for Millenix
    BBC Radio 1 is a JOKE these days.
  • Avatar for JKennedy24
    up moyals, up the UK
  • Avatar for Xenathekat
    I love the posh radio 4 lady.
  • Avatar for emonsoel
    lovin' mills...
  • Avatar for abixmorgan
    Sara Cox is a total legend. Give her Whiley's slot. She knows nothing about music, but blates thinks she is like the next John Peal or something. Yuk.x
  • Avatar for takinson
    scott mills for president
  • Avatar for TomMellor
    funny guy, moyles
  • Avatar for Ogdk
    what the fuck is this
  • Avatar for Victoria58
    Ily, Mills!
  • Avatar for EmSixTeen
    Holy fuck the Beardyman minimix is the shittttt.
  • Avatar for sublime_ivy
    moyles = sexist pig.


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