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  • Avatar for AsuchiiMeow2
    YUKARI come back please ;-; ♥ [7]
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    YUKARI come back please ;-; ♥ [6]
  • Avatar for Heian9
    Yukari-sama, we are love you. Because you are the best...
  • Avatar for Arashinightmare
    Where the hell are Rei, Mizuki and Katsura?? But yes, for the love of God, Yukari-sama should come back.
  • Avatar for bryyodt
    YUKARI come back please ;-; ♥ [5]
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    YUKARI come back please ;-; ♥ [4]
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    YUKARI come back please ;-; ♥ [3]
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    YUKARI come back please ;-; ♥ [2]
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    YUKARI come back please ;-; ♥
  • Avatar for hitsuji-hime
    Slight edit to the Baiser wiki. Yukari is still around, but just behind the scenes ;)
  • Avatar for higaimousou
    Oh and in case any one is interested in knowing; turns out that despite being released @ 3 different venues, all the versions of the Ashes to Ashes tour single are exactly the same. Just thought people should know before they spent their money on hard to find singles.
  • Avatar for higaimousou
    If anyone is interested, I have a copy of Ashes to ashes up on eBay.
  • Avatar for Keiyuu88 lol
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  • Avatar for jonnonaarch
    omg cry max like climax omg that's clever
  • Avatar for Le_newtype
    Their~own-Fault~for||Naming||things-with-dashes-and~tilde~ :(
  • Avatar for Keiyuu88 On this tag there's the right cover. I think that's the correct tag anyway? It's "Cry-Max Pleasure" and not "Cry-Max-Pleasure".
  • Avatar for higaimousou Vote up the correct album art, or upload your own and then vote it up. Then you'll have to down vote the incorrect art.
  • Avatar for Le_newtype
    The album art for Cry-Max-Pleasure~Welcome to the Front Line Party~ is wrong. Is there a way to change it? It should be [url=]this[/url].
  • Avatar for ZombieXBoy
    90's VK is always the best!
  • Avatar for higaimousou
    @ Le newtype: Wow, thanks for that bit of info. I was satisfied with what I had, but I might have to track down the other versions. Nagoya version down, 2 more to go.
  • Avatar for Le_newtype
    The clamping down on direct download sites in the past two years really killed a lot access to material, not specific to Baiser of course. A lot of bands become 'rare' simply because links to their stuff go dead and people just forget about them (take [artist]HELEN[/artist], for example). They also had quite a few live distributed CDs at a time where vkei really wasn't really known to the west and the internet wasn't as prevalent (like their Paradise Lost ~The Case of Eve~ CD . Maybe my memory is a little foggy, but I don't recall people being online nearly as much when I was 7 and that was released). Also, most modern fans of this scene really wouldn't be interested in music like this so there isn't a whole lot of demand for their stuff outside of their small fan base.
  • Avatar for Arashinightmare
    Le_newtype, I found the same thing. How come half their stuff is nowhere on the internet?
  • Avatar for Le_newtype
    I've found that Ashes to ashes was actually released in 3 types, all on different dates with different songs. All 3 have 'Deep' as their a-side (a much different version from the one on Kuchizuke), but the b-sides are 'Ashes to ashes,' '不明,' and 'Rebirth.' You might actually have the version that contains a remix of Rebirth instead of the actual song called Ashes to ashes.
  • Avatar for higaimousou
    For the person looking for Ashes to Ashes, it actually has 2 tracks. The 2 tracks included are DEEP and (another) remix of Rebirth.
  • Avatar for Arashinightmare
    I like their later stuff more, too. Their later releases were cleaner musically, I think. And Shaisuke was a bamf :'c
  • Avatar for MisuQ
    <3 lindos
  • Avatar for daikirai69
    ya, I prefer their later poppier music a lot. On Ash I really only like dementia, fetus.
  • Avatar for Le_newtype
    I always found "Mechanixx" to be interesting since, when I started listening to them, it was the most different. Love the organ part at the end. "Fetus" is really good too.
  • Avatar for Arashinightmare
    @Pretsy: Ah, you're right! I did some more research on it, and apparently it was more of a "collaboration", per se. Hell Missionells did arrange it; Yukari wrote the lyrics. [url=]This[/url] is the most info I could find on it.
  • Avatar for Pretsy
    @arashinightmare: could you throw me a link with original version of Mechanixx then, pls? Since if it were a "cover"...then wouldn't Baiser arrange it instead of letting Hell Missionells arrange it + compose it? :) (I just can't find any clues about their "Mechanixx")
  • Avatar for Arashinightmare
    @Pretsy: Mechanixx was actually a cover of a song by Hell Missionells. :) but yeah, that one took a while to get used to. After I dunno how many listens I still can't get used to DAMAGE. @_@ + v lol
  • Avatar for Wonrei
    I never got too much into their older stuff, just their poppier stuff. It's like a better version of Rentrer en Soi's old era. fuck yea KISU ME KISU ME KISU ME KISU ME KISU ME KISU ME KISU ME KISU ME KISU ME KISU ME KISU ME KISU ME KISU ME KISU ME KISU ME KISU ME KISU ME KISU ME KISU ME KISU ME KISU ME KISU ME KISU ME KISU ME KISU ME KISU ME
  • Avatar for Pretsy
    I came here for ASH (who knows, perhaps I will get into Hana sooner or later haha :) )...and songs like Mechanixx (their most disturbing song to date?) and Dementia :)
  • Avatar for Arashinightmare
    There were three different versions of it, according to [url=]this page[/url].
  • Avatar for Keiyuu88
    There's also a secret track on it, Rebirth. And I think that's a different version of DEEP on "Ashes to ashes".
  • Avatar for Gregg_Prince
    The songle "Ashes to ashes" only has the track DEEP, so if you have that track you already have the single.
  • Avatar for Arashinightmare
    Anyone know where I can find Ashes to ashes? I can't find it anywhere (. .")
  • Avatar for aki_akamura
    finally great main pic.
  • Avatar for Le_newtype
    For everyone waiting for Yukari to make a new band, I recommend trying out [artist]Endorphine[/artist]. They're similar to Baiser, but noisier and a little heavier. I'd say a bit like early Rentrer en Soi mixed with early~mid Baiser.
  • Avatar for pinkmakona
    yukari make a new band!!! [5]
  • Avatar for Arashinightmare
    NO BAISER, NO LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!! [2] lolyes. Best. Band. Ever.
  • Avatar for hitori-sama
    Очень я их любил когда-то очень давно )
  • Avatar for WoolenNinjas
    Phantasmagoria is amazing!!
  • Avatar for Harumadness
    wow, I found Gaz
  • Avatar for BloodyChick2010
  • Avatar for nikkilakmuss
    Они лучшие! ЛУЧШИЕ БЛЯТЬ! и всегда останутся лучшими!
  • Avatar for Stephsmartgal
    lovely band
  • Avatar for ISICKFACE
    v LOL btw Flora is amazing.
  • Avatar for Keiyuu88
    i wonder why Yukari started to sing like a tranny after the first few releases. i really like his voice on Seppun but then i listened to some songs from Terre or Hana.. it's kinda different D: the same thing i noticed with Izam from SHAZNA btw. it's like they're losing their balls after releasing their indie album.


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