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B57 is CPUWAR dee jay mixing in this project D Trash record music into a real exciting mix, morphing music and sound into continuous DJ mix with two releases on D trash w/ B57 " D Trash records present B57 in a continuous DJ Mix" and "D trash In Tha Mix" all album creating inventive mix and transition with full remixing of tracks live into a crazy blend of hardcore electro special tracks mixed with great talent, most artist from D trash label includes redlevel terrorism, CPUWAR, Korn, and many other talentuous artists such as Schizoid one of the most D trash brutal singuer and many good beats into a real exciting morphing of sound into those two excellen,t compact disc available here and on D trash label. B57 is one of the most awesome hardcore old school DJ. second album is mixed with MP3 from Crakkdown Studios, canada, Victoria

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