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  • Avatar for ValenciaVile
    He's high as fuck.
  • Avatar for ValenciaVile
    Damn what is this? hahahaha
  • Avatar for RobBoozer
  • Avatar for bazooka-joe76
    this shit is shit
  • Avatar for panterarules666
  • Avatar for Qdft665
    this isn't him lol wtf is this?
  • Avatar for GoobaTKE
    doodoo recorded in an empty soup can. GAHbage
  • Avatar for steveisms
  • Avatar for GeneralHoden
    sounds so retarded
  • Avatar for zozek281
    garbage this ain't b-real. this track should be called doodoo cuz its crap!!!
  • Avatar for tavitooo
    do it
  • Avatar for btwiP
  • Avatar for Foggster
  • Avatar for shaotek
    i spit hot fire
  • Avatar for DoberMiszczu
  • Avatar for tavitooo
    bored! aburrido, bad recorded
  • Avatar for zozek281
  • Avatar for Ushiroyubi
  • Avatar for mainzfreiburg
  • Avatar for frequencyspeak
    im starting to dig this guys flow the more times I hear it, 4-REAL. :-)
  • Avatar for xid3
    ahahahah T_T
  • Avatar for VooChiL
    this IS NOT B-Real wtf!!
  • Avatar for sentinel213
    Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan.
  • Avatar for frequencyspeak
    I do doo doo doooo it! I do do do do doooooo it! thi shit is so easy !! HAHAHAHA!!
  • Avatar for PhawkenNena
    the fuck?
  • Avatar for tomattto
    I'm da best Mayne....I did it...
  • Avatar for johaines_88
  • Avatar for BDstyle
    its african breal. hahaha.
  • Avatar for Amig186
  • Avatar for waisone
    that aint b real this track is ass. check that out
  • Avatar for prime1128
    This is terrible. Skipping.
  • Avatar for alvarenga71
  • Avatar for psikodelicious
    at least get a good microphone..... sad
  • Avatar for ZDOGG
  • Avatar for Ximeralemur
    You are wonderful musicman mr.B-Real.We have one blood/one air/one life)))))))
  • Avatar for floorman123
    man this aint no b real,some punk smoked a blunt thought he caught a feel,picked up the mic sounded like he was swallowing steel,just another fake ass nigga,to much smoke to much drink,do yourself a favor and pull the trigger,dont even think, you can flo yous a ho ,sad thing is this better than your and oh yeah it was written by a 10 year old boy
  • Avatar for melendem
    Man, thinking that the B was a little trashed on this one...Still killed it, but a little slow, a little unfocused, but MUCH LOVE, because "I do, do it! "
  • Avatar for btwiP
  • Avatar for bigzoner
    you aint the fuckin real
  • Avatar for fusiooon
  • Avatar for DrakeJackson
    Suicide yourself man... This guy is not B-Real... The person who uploaded this is a complete idiot... ¬¬
  • Avatar for eqblues
    Longest 2 minutes of my life when I listened to this crap. They should remove this or at least change the "artist" to what it really is.
  • Avatar for Local_Retard
    Yes, this is not him.
  • Avatar for kordalski
    b real? naaaa
  • Avatar for yasmo10
    i can fart better than this crackheads frrestyle
  • Avatar for latinmusick
    what the fuck is this? ive seen seuss rhymes better than this fake ass puto
  • Avatar for eqblues
    I dont know who the FUCK this is, but its not B-Real from Cypress Hill, its some retard who cant rhyme to save his life. Steer clear.

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