• My Totally Favs (without any exceptions)

    30 Nov 2010, 20:24 by daredev

  • Drum & Bass visionairies

    3 Jan 2009, 19:18 by Xoliul

    I've been discovering so many great new Drum & Bass producers lately, I think I just have to write about it.

    This goes together with my idea that, as objectively as I can possibly look at it, Drum and Bass is the most varied and original music genre I listen to (and I really do listen to a lot of stuff). Within one genre there are bone-hard tracks that give you an action fix, to beautiful, easy listening music that is great for relaxing. The fact that this is an electronic genre that sees lots of album releases (as opposed to trance for example which is mostly singles and EP's), and there is a surprisingly low number of remixes for an electronic genre (less than 1% of the tracks I own are remixes), proves a bit that producer just love doing their own thing and really enjoy coming up with their own material.

    So here goes, my personal heroes and rising stars in DnB.

    Matrix & Futurebound
    No better way to start than these guys. …