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    Come to australia bastard
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  • Avatar for Tuberkulloosi
    It's MC Ride on Knives!
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    ljhabrxfioabneofugxyaewnfouaegxy YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! lsiehrtcglsnoairsnvgcarlihgkv
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    Love it!!
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    рили заебись
  • Avatar for Supercoolguy64
    interesting dude, i dig his recordings
  • Avatar for OhJohnNo
    this guy is like what would happen if you put a screamo vocalist over... shit, I don't even know what his instrumentals sound like
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  • Avatar for artmironov
    просто охуенно
  • Avatar for anhero24
    oh shit im feelin it
  • Avatar for Vigilance9
    nah fuck
  • Avatar for JamesHippieKid
    This dude is a genius. Imagine Yourself has to be on of the most crazy and creative hip-hop albums ever! Gen is so amazing to.
  • Avatar for Brockisdead
    I feel bad for the people who judge BLACKIE's work by that one live video of Warchild, but then again, it was mostly /r/cringe so whatever
  • Avatar for InYourDark
    STOP compare genres and artist! Forget about genres and the the magic starts, shut the fuck up and enjoy the sound you retards
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  • Avatar for sschol
    ok its been 4 months and no word in a long time, has anyone gotten word on their orders?
  • Avatar for sschol
    anyone got their imagine yourself in the mail yet?
  • Avatar for duut
    the fuck...
  • Avatar for Brockisdead
    Just listened to Imagine Yourself and loved it. I'll go for True Spirit later, I prefer to buy his stuff before I listen to it.
  • Avatar for sschol
    @Brockisdead have you listened to true spirit? that and imagine yourself are my faves of his as well as Gen. Also, has anyone received their orders yet?
  • Avatar for Brockisdead
    Love the emotion of Gen and I thought the production on Fuck the False was pretty enjoyable. What album do you think would be a good next purchase: Imagine Yourself, Wilderness or Blackie EP?
  • Avatar for FollowChi
    >Because you like death grips he's not like death grips. I like him, but ffs the comparison isn't even close
  • Avatar for JasonBard
    the death grips comparisons are stupid
  • Avatar for we_r_beautiful
    Imagine Yourself is fantastic, but nothing will top Gen for me out of his discography so far.
  • Avatar for merzbae
    blackie is nothing like death grips lmao
  • Avatar for DerekMcA
    no, it's just that he's better than death grips.
  • Avatar for COBRARocky
    Is this stuff just Death Grips for people too contrarian to enjoy Death Grips
  • Avatar for mokkorikuku
    IMAGINE YOUR SELF so dope. sounds Hip-Hop meets Kayo Dot. awesome shit.
  • Avatar for sschol
    imagine yourself is probably his best album, but its a hard pick still. cant wait to get it in the mail
  • Avatar for DrMopinker
    Imagine Your Self is bretty gud
  • Avatar for NESkimoFan12
    I don't think DG ever got radio plays, and this guys' sound is heavily different, primarily in instrumentation, but also BLACKIE sounds like he's gone farther away from hip-hop than Death Grips did. Just hearing him shouting, and I wonder if he's really going for a "rap" type of sound versus harsh noise with vocals. In a sense it seems cool, but this is even rawer than midcity by clipping., which says a lot.
  • Avatar for MisterXY
    The whole "DG before DG" thing is especially funny if you realize that DG were NOWHERE close to being first, revolutionary, pioneering, or extraordinary. Plenty of people did that before them, they just got lucky on the radio plays.
  • Avatar for danstornelli just remember this happened.
  • Avatar for DarkAndOminous
    The whole "did DG before did DG" thing is ridiculous if you listen to Death Grips beyond Exmilitary. They evolved. Just saying. Much respect to B L A C K I E though. Dude's raw as fuck.
  • Avatar for HeadShoteR
    How can I ever take Death Grips seriously after listening to B L A C K I E?
  • Avatar for BuddieLove
    new to blackie - if you can hook me up with a link to something, i'd appreciate it. message me
  • Avatar for szuparnapol
  • Avatar for Bearrorist
    he genuinely sounds like MC Ride on a few tracks on "Wilderness"
  • Avatar for Paul_Von_Aphid
    only B L A C K I E is real
  • Avatar for spadaandrewj
    gen is fucking amazing
  • Avatar for treeweavermetal
    Great artist. Respect that he has everything for free on Bandcamp.
  • Avatar for hoox16
    this guy was doing Death Grips before Death Grips. [3]
  • Avatar for lennford
    hhaahaha oh lol omg this is bad topkek m8
  • Avatar for BallerCraig
    HECK muh funn yeh, I love him on the stage!!!
  • Avatar for DrMopinker
    i write on money is like, one of my favorite hip hop tracks
  • Avatar for ITITITITIT
    I'm not talkin about gettin big, I'm talkin about gettin smth to be respected for. I'm sayin, blackie gotta get that big and then load a new album for free to get that grips hype


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