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  • Avatar for sbirkoff
    Vote for new picture :) [url=]B'z 2015[/url]
  • Avatar for kato1090
    New Album ''EPIC DAY" is pretty COOL!!
  • Avatar for MaRtInCeS
    New album "Epic Day" will be released on March 4th.
  • Avatar for kato1090
    New Single "Uchouten" is GREAT!! It contains the song of 25th anniversary LIVE-GYM called "Endless Summer".
  • Avatar for pamatss
    these guys are fantastic! [3] <33333333
  • Avatar for ThisIsMEGUMI
    LOVE THEM! <3
  • Avatar for FeaFrost
    these guys are fantastic! [2]
  • Avatar for michikom3
    B'z 25th anniversary live DVD will be released on JAN 2014. You can see this trailer now. How great they are!!
  • Avatar for makoenergy
    I love all their albums, especially RUN and The 7th Blues
  • Avatar for SamuraiSx
    and latest album「C'mon」is pure PERFECTION ! :3 can't stop listening it !
  • Avatar for SamuraiSx
    *Happy Birthday dear Inaba-san !* :))))
  • Avatar for Rovanette
    Happy Birthday Inaba-san~!!
  • Avatar for Tetsu87
    @ Dmitry_Thrashed: Indeed it is.
  • Avatar for jimex289
    This group represents, in its simplest form, how a song is born. One pens the lyrics, the other composes the song. For 25 consecutive years!!! And they are still rocking out and churning out amazing tunes like it's nothing at all :).
  • Avatar for orange_kiss
    Incredible duo!xD I wish I could see their concert. >__<
  • Avatar for aoidangan
    They melted my heart. All their songs have got beautiful lyrics with emotional music. I appreciate their aims in music. Tak and Koshi, thank you very much. I wish, I could see them live.
  • Avatar for KISSMY-a-SOUL
    these guys are fantastic!
  • Avatar for Dmitry_Thrashed
    is Friction their song? from burnout paradise
  • Avatar for SamuraiSx
    omfg I too want to be on their cocnert !!! >_< hope they'll come to Europe *o* !
  • Avatar for SamuraiSx
  • Avatar for GDijains
  • Avatar for proggirl
    WOOT!!!! I want to see them too!!!!!
  • Avatar for jimex289 was almost a dream seeing Tak so close. Out of this world experience hearing them rockin' out live. I hope they come to NYC again next year.
  • Avatar for jimex289
    Uh, I think he means an original non-mini Japanese album.
  • Avatar for surrealworlds
    v uhm wtf? They just released one (English mini album "B'z")
  • Avatar for ihsan_carrousel
    This band needs a new album! :D
  • Avatar for Dark_Shuren
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  • Avatar for jimex289
    New tour DVD is amazing!
  • Avatar for onita_carachi
    Orang tua yang keren
  • Avatar for conishici
  • Avatar for nyaganec
    you must listen a song FRICTION!!! it's really cool!!!
  • Avatar for Rovanette
    GO FOR IT BABY it's fucking great! (as always). [3]
  • Avatar for jimex289
    I'm so excited for their upcoming LIVE-GYM mini-tour in the States!
  • Avatar for Madygrain
    GO FOR IT BABY it's fucking great! (as allways).
  • Avatar for dreamer_ua
    huh, I wish they go international as well, though the possibilities for me to see B'z touring in my country are really-really low>< But, nothing is impossible, right. One day I'll definitely get to their live, one day for sure! Anyway, I'm excited about their new single - GO FOR IT, BABY -キオクの山脈-
  • Avatar for Rovanette
    L'arc has already included Indonesia on their world tour list, when will the time come for B'z? I WANT THEM HERE! [2] I ALWAYS DREAM IT!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for akirakira
    Dragon Dogma? I just cant wait the full song to be released. Oh please go international this year
  • Avatar for Grawwblers
    The song featured in their new intro "B'z 2012 into the beginning" is their English version of Samayoeru Aoi Dangan (さまよえる蒼い弾丸), which is apparently titled ~Into Free -Dangan-. I think the B'z youtube channel just released it as a BG song for an upcoming PS3(?) game that's going worldwide. Perhaps B'z is now going "into the beginning" of making themselves known worldwide?
  • Avatar for dreamer_ua
    Okay, weird question, but... Does anyone know which their song is featured in the new intro "B'z 2012 into the beginning"? Please, please, tell me^^
  • Avatar for akirakira
    L'arc has already included Indonesia on their world tour list, when will the time come for B'z? I WANT THEM HERE!
  • Avatar for tubasa-shaoran
    Ultra Soul <3
  • Avatar for PedroAsak
    saw them in Nagoya and I'm in love (L). Oh by the way I like MAGIC way more than C'mon, but still, the lives were great xD
  • Avatar for Ushiroyubi
    I friggen love these guys. :)
  • Avatar for PokeBaal
    B'z is great and have fans just for their music [2]
  • Avatar for ryowatari
    Be gay is not a bad thing, but it attract many fangirls/fanservice, B'z is great and have fans just for their music
  • Avatar for Mak_ro
    another album, another masterpiece. awesome \m/
  • Avatar for TRamp94
    C'mon rocks!!! <3
  • Avatar for takstarship
  • Avatar for kyo_dash
    Whether B'z is great or not has got nothing to do with being gay or VK. Many rock artists out there who aren't under 'gay makeup shit' still sound like shit[2]
  • Avatar for Supreme_Elitist
    Please try to keep as much stupid as possible out of the B'z shoutbox. Go rant about how wonderful and misunderstood VK is in some other place, thanks.


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