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  • Avatar for breennisteinn
    sem palavras pra essa singeleza
  • Avatar for Evilninja1337
    excellent. beautiful.
  • Avatar for matheusmaia_
    Doce descoberta.
  • Avatar for IgorWCH
    Seven Days <3
  • Avatar for gui_x
  • Avatar for LAT-Lavigne
    OMG, I heard "The Heart Has Its Reason" on Revenge <3
  • Avatar for brunoisawake
    I only knew Displaced until a few days ago, and I absolutely loved it. Then I decided to download the entire discography, and oh what have I gotten? Total Azure Ray addiction. Across the Ocean, No Signs Of Pain, November, These White Lights Will Bend To Make Blue, Rise... wow! I feel like I'm in a whole new universe.
  • Avatar for ShuriK_Minsk
    Sleep was in "Devil wears Prada" movie. I immediately found it and can say that that's awesome. I should listen to much more there songs!)
  • Avatar for kennyken07
    Judging by everyone's comments I should listen to more than just the song "Sleep" .
  • Avatar for EnanMaldonado
    "Scattered Like Leaves" is my shit! Yummy song.
  • Avatar for melkmeintogepi
    I think "Drawing Down The Moon" was the record of this summer. Many memories, it's just a great album for summer nights.
  • Avatar for Livgirl
    They are amazing, I 've been listening to them for years, but not every day you know ? It's like I only listen to them when I need to. They are always calming me down and cheering my up. I really hope to see them in Paris one day. They are amazing.
  • Avatar for itc87
    More people should listen to these two.
  • Avatar for Unknowingly
    Love what I've heard of the new album.
  • Avatar for hiyome
    Red Balloon
  • Avatar for thousandjulys
    just got as above so below in the mail. it doesn't disappoint...only wish it was longer
  • Avatar for crownanchor
    LOvely pair:)
  • Avatar for LAT-Lavigne
    so excited for the new album <3
  • Avatar for CovinS2
    New album in September!!!
  • Avatar for groped
    memories from the 8th grade. God I miss the days where I listened to Azure Ray religiously. Such a sad child.
  • Avatar for YavieAditya
    while i'm still young :3
  • Avatar for mrtgtg
    sleep <3
  • Avatar for camkie
    I'm crossing these Novembers with Azure Ray <3
  • Avatar for Caio_Fig
    in my room you can't go, you can't stay <3
  • Avatar for SpinKa_89
    Across the Ocean <3 <3 <3
  • Avatar for HayrVay
    Emmas Glück brought me here, I'm in love with this movie! [2]
  • Avatar for beachteach190
    great sound!
  • Avatar for IANSORROW
  • Avatar for heintony
    Emmas Glück brought me here, I'm in love with this movie!
  • Avatar for Sonic_zzz
    The Good Wife brought me here!
  • Avatar for emmarosemc
    Discovered them today due to the good wife episode last night, LOVE them
  • Avatar for millionairecity
  • Avatar for BluesAtSix
    For me there are Azure Ray the best female duet this at the moment exists, better and more nicely one cannot do musik in twos
  • Avatar for tavsanlar
  • Avatar for bigMATTz
    what we do we do the best that we can
  • Avatar for DAN_103
    Just found out about these guys today.. November randomly popped up while I was listening to something on Youtube. Odd that I found it on my birthday... I feel like it really describes me well. Great stuff!
  • Avatar for Moestitia
  • Avatar for hebertvs
    me encanta esta música !
  • Avatar for AryaBara
  • Avatar for anorak_pilgrim
    Love is how it's lost, not how it's found
  • Avatar for alexi1000
    MY GOD! Heavenly...8)
  • Avatar for babydragon1200
    Wonderful and beautiful.
  • Avatar for ShoKill
    Will you guys both marry me?
  • Avatar for anheloeterno
    Just listened to No Sings Of Pain after a long time - stunning! I'll never get tired of this song. ♥
  • Avatar for AndreiRage
  • Avatar for cracktalking
    Lorraine <3
  • Avatar for kwokwokwo
  • Avatar for gui_x
  • Avatar for pierreneige
    do come to Lisbon! <3
  • Avatar for Stickdark_


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