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Azul y Negro founded in 1981 by Carlos G. Vaso: (born 1953 in Cartagena,Spain) a multi instrumentalist,songwriter and producer, and Joaquin Montoya: (b. 1950 Cartagena,Spain). The first album "La Edad De Los Colores" was released later that year. The single "Me Estoy Volviendo Loco" (Going Crazy) became a hit in Europe,Japan,United States and Australia.

The album "Digital" (-83) was a collection of songs from the two first albums, "La Edad De Los Colores" and "La Noche" (The Night). The album was a huge success. The band kept releasing wonderful synthpop: "Suspense"(84),"Mercado Comun"(85)and "Babel(86)were all good albums. Then they released two Maxi singles under the Blanco Y Negro tag, called "Es El Colmo!" & "No Smoking". Four years later the album "De Vuelta al Futuro" was released. This album had old classics that were mixed together, in "Mix Azul" & "Mix Negro".
Three years later (96) a mix collection was released with the title "De Vuelta al Futuro II".
Joaquin Montoya had left the band. Vaso teamed up with Jose Antonio Alvarez and finally some new songs were made again.(Vaso was very productive, and released 3 solo albums in the meantime). The new work was called "Mare Nostrum", and was released on Carlos Vaso`s own company, VASO MUSIC. Azul y Negro continued to release synthpop (see album discography) on the next albums to come. They celebrated 25th anniversary as a band in 2006. The album "Makes Me Happy" came out in 2007. This consisted of new and remastered mixes of previous hits, and others more "unknown" songs from earlier albums. 2008 starts with the release of the almost instrumental album "Deja Vu". This edition also has a DVD with the first 1000 copies. The footage are pictures of the bands various concerts,fan meetings and other pictures connected to Azul Y Negro during the years. All of it is accompanied by a collage of colours in a great spectre.
This is the very first DVD by the band,that makes a great insight into the world of "Blue & Black" (azul y negro).
On Crystalline World (2012) The band took a new direction in musical style. The album is in a rock to a progressive rock style, and includes a five part rock opera. In march 2013 the album "Innovate" by Carlos Vaso from (1998) was released as Azul y Negro, containing 3 additional tracks.

Complete album discography:

1981: La Edad de Los Colores
1982: La Noche
1983: Digital
1984: Suspense
1985: Mercado Común
1986: Babel
1993: De Vuelta al Futuro
1996: De Vuelta al Futuro II
2002: Recuerda
2002: Mare Nostrum
2003: ISS (Incursión Sonora Surround), 2 versiones, estéreo y DTS 5.1 surround
2005: VOX
2005: El Color de los Éxitos
2007: Makes me Happy
2008: Déjà Vu
2010: Vision
2011: Retrospective
2012: Crystalline World
2013: Innovate (reissued as Azul y Negro 3 new tracks)

Note: In -88 and -89 they released two maxis under the
"Blanco Y Negro" editions.
1988: Es el colmo! (maxisingle)
1989: No smoking (maxisingle)

2008: "Deja Vu"


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