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  1. Finnish black metal

  2. Blistering raw black metal from Illinois.

  3. Disgusting raw black metal from Portland, OR.

    Anti-Cascadian black metal.

  4. Raw black metal band from U.S.

  5. Nuklearenpest is a black metal band formed in 2010 from the USA. Lyrical themes include Anti-Zionism, Misanthropy, Death.

  6. 1. Glossolalia is a one-person extreme metal project formed in 2006, with recorded material through 2009. Crepusculo Negro recently released a…

  7. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  8. Black entity of the Rhinocervs clan.

  9. Black Twilight Circle entity.

  10. Black Twilight entity, from the infamous Black Twilight Circle

  11. Torture Chain is a black metal band from the United States. The band has released four demos and an album since 2008.

    Humbling Isolation Terror…

  12. Luciation exist to create utterly harsh, noisy, fast black metal with an unnervingly evil atmosphere.

    Current line-up:
    Bestial Butcher 666 - Vocal &…

  13. Raw black metal from Texas.


    Crooked Cross (Demo, 2009, self released)
    The Night is My Whore (Demo, 2011, self released)
    The Beaten…

  14. Ythogtha is an Arizona black metal project. The group has one release and is rumored to return to earth to drop their next album sometime in…

  15. Black metal from Brooklyn, New York, featuring Mike Rekeviks from Fell Voices, Sleepwalker, and Ruin Lust.

  16. Din of Awakening is a U.S based one person raw atmospheric black metal project that began actively releasing music in 2012. Haunting primitive…

  17. Mysterious, twisted and angular black metal from Oregon. Shares members with Furdidurke.


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