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  • Avatar for KeenanJohnston
    So much better than Revenge.
  • Avatar for excellentsword
    Better than Revenge.
  • Avatar for abhorion
    absolutey legendary band with an immaculate legacy
  • Avatar for slayer-66669999
    Purify kopie dupę na całego, jednak jest to jeden z materiałów, które w przestrzeni wirtualnej nie mają zupełnie sensu. Słuchanie war metalu z formatów cyfrowych to zbrodnia. Żaden rip (niezależnie czy FLAC, czy porządne mp3) nie oddaje brzmienia tego materiału.
  • Avatar for syzynfon
    Fucking genius!!!
  • Avatar for Mercenarion
    Strike > Obey >>> The List.
  • Avatar for Morbidni_Isus
    Mindblowing D:
  • Avatar for okvltvs
    very technical and progressive. Don't like it very much...
  • Avatar for SixBurningWings
    The List is fucking brutal. Such a jagged, cruel sounding album, but with good song structure and narrative.
  • Avatar for IndomSpirit
    amazing band
  • Avatar for eternalcowboy2
  • Avatar for rafinhametal
    Hail James Read [2]
  • Avatar for pseudogoat
  • Avatar for asphyxiatedsoul
    Hail J.Read!!!!!!!!! [1]
  • Avatar for prdssn
    Obey to live.
  • Avatar for RaabMC
  • Avatar for Necrogeddon92
    Another band that slipped under my radar for way too long. Just got Obey, its fucking crazy.
  • Avatar for Peluchini
    Amazing Band!! Brutal!!!
  • Avatar for Worm-Infested
    "Other wise, it's fucking cool, never thought I would hear beautiful cleans over J.Reed's hatehammers." what about the female vocals on Strike? :P
  • Avatar for Babayoga88
    So few plays, what a shame.
  • Avatar for Laivasse
    Wor isn't a part Blood Revolt, so presumably Vermin is on guitars. Word is, Wor is not musically active at all these days - something I was upset to hear. As for the myspace track, it's got me interested for the rest of the album at least. I get the sense that it needs to be heard in context, so I'll withhold the rest of my impressions.
  • Avatar for Iconochasm
    It does sound a lot like AoA, but not as aggressive, partially due to the vocals. The song has some promise, and I'm looking forward to the album. Is it War or Vermin on guitar?
  • Avatar for Dalihrob
    You can finally check-out a sample from the Blood Revolt's debut album "Indoctrination" on myspace site of Invictus prod. Am I the only one who hears AoA there? :)
  • Avatar for daleallen
    I'm surprised these boys have under 2,000 listeners. They're some of the best stuff war/bestial black metal genre
  • Avatar for darthcas
    Pure Fucking HELL!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for postvegan
  • Avatar for prdssn
    War on!
  • Avatar for Rosenstahl
  • Avatar for HELL-FISH
    'Stike' makes 'Obey' look like the soap that runs down the crack of your butt in the shower. To put none too fine a point on it.
  • Avatar for AeternumVale
    So brutal and dissonant, yet so controlled at the same time. Amazing band, I can't get enough. I've never read the lyrics RedArmada, I should check it out.
  • Avatar for Justd1e
  • Avatar for niks7
    fucking killer black/death.!! WARRR !!!
  • Avatar for PsyklonAeon
    Amazing band, really unique music. Strike is one of the most epic albums ever.
  • Avatar for Nomadfyllan
  • Avatar for MacMoney
    While Sacramentary Abolishment and Rites of Thy Degringoblade hve their moments, Axis of Advance is just way more consistent. And while I don't really like J. Read's other projects, his drumming fits AoA just perfectly.
  • Avatar for InspectorGadget
    "Pinnacle: Hail the End" has a sample from the section of "Structural Interpretation via Superfluous Union" that has female vocals soon joined by the rest of the band. "Foundation Artifice Descends" samples some other AoA song but at the moment I'm not sure which.
  • Avatar for Laivasse
    Holy shit, this is the first I've heard. That's a gut punch. Unmatched in their time IMO. Hail the end...? I guess.
  • Avatar for Babayoga88
    Well they are done would have been killer to hear at least one more full lenght!
  • Avatar for Laivasse
    Where have these guys gone...? Release another album and show everyone else how it's fucking done (again).
  • Avatar for Maikl
    Well made crap! This is brutal and they are actually playing and make sense, unlike millions of other "brutal" metal bands, which only have purpose of being fast. I actually tried this band after hearing this group doesn't use triggers for drums. That's very obvious as drumming have balls and bass instead of that wimpy clicky sound.
  • Avatar for Iconochasm
    New album please!
  • Avatar for Khaos666
    agreed with the comment below, exactly.
  • Avatar for Aethelvolf
    I wish this were more like Conqueror/Revenge If you listen to the 08 Revenge, the riffing is actually much more in the vein of later AoA, which is a good thing!
  • Avatar for tyrantfazz
  • Avatar for tyrantfazz
    awesomeness !1
  • Avatar for tyrantfazz
  • Avatar for SpeedMetalHell
    Seriously a heavily underrated band, some of the greatest music writing and song construction I have ever seen in metal.
  • Avatar for SpeedMetalHell
    Evanescent Judgement of the last Era !
  • Avatar for Laivasse
    @Hazenpepper - Agreed! Strike still reigns supreme, but I thought that with Purify they were getting close to returning to the style of songwriting on Strike. Purify has definitely got me excited about the future. As for technical - EH???? AoA have NOTHING in common with any 'tech death' bands. Even the suggestion is just confusing.
  • Avatar for Hazenpepper
    god i love this band..strike is still their best album.


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