• Spring has Sprung

    8 Mar 2007, 17:20 by FredMcGriff

    Today's Fred McRecommendation:
    Daedelus - Like Clockwork Springs
    From Daedelus's 2006 LP Denies The Day's Demise on Mush Records

    Daedelus rocks the party with this straight forward good-feelin' disco romp, perfect for bringing us closer to the weekend. Well-produced, fun, and free, "Like Clockwork Springs" gives no reason whatsoever for you not to download and own it. The melody, highlighted by the catchy piano, is infinitely poppy but it's by an IDM producer so you don't have to feel uncool about it.


    I would love to know if he used a Microkorg to make this song, because most of the tracks on it sound very Microkorgy to this recent Microkorg owner. Cheers again to Awkward for the heads up on the stacks upon stacks of free stuff over at the music section of Mush Records. Go exploring; I've acquired a couple of lovely Bibio tracks, who is famous of course for remixing Warp starter Clark (Which reminds me, I need to put an order in ASAP for the new Clark EP).

  • Just Sit Right Back and You'll Hear a Tale

    5 Mar 2007, 16:53 by FredMcGriff

    Today's Fred McRecommendation:
    MRX - eeuue
    Loose MRX Track from 2003

    Classic novelty IDM from the unknown and ever-mysterious nutmegger MRX. It's Wevie Stonder meets Bogdan Raczynski meets my 3-year old cousin, and the results are half-humorous and half-dead serious. This kind of ambiguity, if nothing else, keeps it interesting. "Eeuue" is essentially stripped down keyboard preset techno plus a familiar tune dug up from deep within the collective social consciousness. This song MUST be played at a VERY HIGH VOLUME, preferably while driving through a residential area.


    My coworker and I used to blast this track daily on our way to lunch back in '03 when I was working for a trash bag company, and we practically fell out of the car laughing every time we heard it. Perhaps we were just understimulated. Either way, it's a fun little number that might brighten your monday. I can't stress enough how extremely loudly it needs to be played.