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Awaiting Fear is an old school death metal band from Belgrade, capital of Serbia.

Line up:
Lazar Rapajić Satan - bass and vocals
Igor Lončar - guitar
Stefan Srejić – guitar
Veljko Lukić Manijak - drums

Igor was initiator of the band. He wanted to play old school death metal and since he was mostly hanging with people who love and listen to it, it wasn’t too hard finding some who knew to play instruments which altogether started a band itself. In the summer of 2007. Awaiting Fear was born.
The band is under the influence of old school Death Metal bands like Obituary, Bolt Thrower, Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, Deicide, Sepultura, and also lately Vader and Behemoth, which can be heard in newest work of the Awaiting fear.
Awaiting Fear took the stage for the first time at Belgrade’s Samhain Festival, held November 1, 2007 at the SKC club. Other performers included Ashen Epitaph, Rain Delay and Through Art. The band then took their music to the road, first playing at various venues around Belgrade but, through invitations, extended their tour to include other cities in the Balkans (Novi Sad, Mol, Senta, Sarajevo and Tuzla in Bosnia and Herzegovina, etc.). All of this served as a great promotion for the band. Awaiting Fear has also played with a number of good bands coming from outside the borders of Serbia, such as Deicide, Amon Amarth, Behemoth, Decapitated, God Dethroned, Torture Squad, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Cilice, Formless Terror, Agonize and great bands from Serbia like Azazel, Sacramental Blood, Ashen Epitaph, Kramp, and many more.
It didn’t take long after completing the line-up to record and release a demo called "Engraved Memories". Live promotion took place in April 2008, when Awaiting Fear shared the stage with a number of great names from the Serbian metal scene. The band took their demo to Dark Revolution’s “Insurrection” label in Belgrade and they were signed immediately. The demo was released as an EP to rave reviews from both music critics and fans alike, and quickly sold out. Awaiting Fear also made a split tape with Elegia, a Columbian Death Metal band.
After short break in recordings, on February 20, 2009. they once again entered the studio to record new material and, on April 6, 2009, the final mix was completed and their first full-length album was named “Dead Inside”. A month later, band filmed their first video “Dead Inside” in the manner of old school death metal bands and videos.
Awaiting Fear was approached by “NoiseHead records” label from Austria and their debut album "Dead inside" has seen the light of day in November 2009. The album is available in Europe through “NoiseHead records” and also, through Relapse Records, in North America.
After the gig at Serbian “Exit festival” 2010., band decided to split with their first drummer Dejan, since they didn’t share the same future plans. He was replaced by bands long time friend Veljko (Maniac). Not long after, due to family obligations, guitar player Filip also had to leave the band, and was replaced by Stefan, who is also the youngest band member at the point. In the beginning of september 2011., Alisa also leaves the band and Lazar takes place of main vocalist. Refilled with energy and youth, Awaiting fear moves on. Currently, band is working on their second album, with song never so fast and brutal.
Critics and fans agree that Awaiting Fear combines powerful riffs and outstanding growls with high-pitched Black Metal scream vocals to create a raw sound that is filled with energy and passion.

Former band members:
Nikola Milenković – bass guitar (2007. – 2008.)
Filip Stojanović – lead guitar (2007. – 2011.)
Dejan Nikolić – drums (2007. – 2010.)
Alisa Cerić - vocal (2007. - 2011.)

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