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Avenged Sevenfold

Unbound (The Wild Ride) (4:08)


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  • soad lol
  • Isn't the "child's" part really Shadows' wife?
  • There's nothing here to take for granted.
  • The little kid is a better singer than M. Shadows, actually
  • love this song!!!!
  • Yeah thats a little boy not a woman lol
  • Great song <3
  • Very cool song
  • The vocalist at the end is a little boy... but I agree, it's the best part.
  • The female vocalist at the end is the best part. [7]
  • What if I told you.. The end voice was that of a child. Not a woman.
  • and we fade, memories remain, as time goes on...
  • The female vocalist at the end is the best part. [6]
  • хоооор*ООО*
  • This song rules yo
  • disneyland acid trippin'
  • ...And we've got plenty of time.
  • lloveee this song its the new SEX
  • I can't get enough of this song. The piano kicks ass. I really hope they play this on Uproar (I voted for it on Facebook,) but I don't think it's popular enough.
  • haters need to get a life
  • I never lived in fear I knew I'd die another day I never viewed my life as something... slipping away (c) <3
  • yep got to say i have never heard another band close to a7x let alone as good. Ghostchild, you got dropped more than once
  • @insanewalnuts .. Bro I couldn't agree with you more!!
  • Something has always felt contrived about this band to me. I'm not sure what it is, but they just seem like a bunch of posers.
  • <3<3<3<3<3 soooooooooooooooooooooo amazing.
  • Saw them April 23, and holy S*** was it amazing. Nothing beats being in the front row watching SYN and Zacky do harmonies together ;)
  • skippingboy123 can go suck a d*** this is awesome
  • one of my fav.
  • this sucks
  • <3 Avenged Sevenfold :3 SYN<3<3
  • among their best i think
  • Piano is just awesome in this song
  • Not one of their best....not one of their worst....still solid
  • saw em live on Jan 22nd fuckin sickkkk
  • How can anyone not like A7X?
  • gotta love the ending :D
  • one of their best
  • I love the kids singing at the end :)
  • Lol its 3 kids at the end, not a girl.
  • Pretty positive Mat Shadow is the most beautiful creature on the face of the planet. The voice of an angel as well... O_o
  • <3
  • great song
  • Fucking love this
  • according to wikipedia... Additional vocals by Zander Ayeroff and Annmarie Rizzo on "Unbound (The Wild Ride)"
  • lol @ "The female vocalist at the end is the best part. (3)"
  • The female vocalist at the end is the best part. (3)
  • 2 children. 1 little girl and 1 little boy, to be precise.
  • Everyone's saying that that's a female at the end... I reckon it's a little boy from the sounds of it. Still got a higher pitch voice than Justin Bieber though. ;D
  • i never viewed my life as something slipping away...


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