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Wastelands (4:42)


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  • kiske kicks ass
  • This song proves that even now Kiske can be really good if he wants to.
  • the vocal melodies are awesome !!
  • Power metal + Kiske = owneage
  • probably the best song i´ve ever listened to.
  • Sure it may be similar to other power metal, but if it didnt have that innate vibe to it then it wouldn't be power metal, and sure variety makes a song stand out more than the norm but then if we had that then we couldn't have great songs like this one. I'm not sure why BruDamien is asking for the sky. This is a great song nonetheless!! :)
  • This is a good one.
  • Power Metal to it's finest!
  • The weak link on The Wicked Symphony, imo. Power metal cliché, but still not that bad.
  • Wicked!!!
  • this one is good :D powerful!
  • I love how Avantasia is like the All Star band of power metal
  • One of the best songs on the entire album, so epic, awesome and catchy aswell!
  • Oh, and this is, hah hah, this is WAY better than Dying for an Angel.
  • Hah hah! Dying for an Angel? A Masterpiece? Dying for an Angel has a simple (although energetic) chorus, plain verses and a basic guitar solo. It was CERTAINLY not a masterpiece, although it is a good, energetic song.
  • Kiske + Tobi = EPIC WIN [2] / Fucking great song, the song I most liked from Avantasia's two latest albuns, just amazing! =D
  • Kiske!
  • Great song! POWER \m/
  • Kiske + Tobi = EPIC WIN
  • Kiske rock´s again. Voice from the Keeper´s era..
  • He hasnt forgotten, he just seems to use it as a novelty now instead of relying on it. A shame, cause a full album of this would rule
  • Oh yes. This is what power metal is supposed to sound like. I thought Tobias had forgotten, since about 2005.
  • Kiske + Sammet = Win [2]
  • awesome track! love it.
  • NOSSA CARA *-*
  • Wowwwww !!! GREAT SONG !!
  • Foda. *-*
  • Great song, I cant wait to hear the full album! XD
  • sucesso total
  • This is a good song. Certainly not of the same magnitude as the masterpiece "Dying for an Angel", but it's an exciting song. Kiske + Sammet = Win.

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