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  • Avatar for kaomakk
    "are anti-gay or not?" Thou I don't really follow the group this is highly unlikely. Auckland NZ based musician and would be ridiculed into the ground here for any such nonsense.
  • Avatar for OrdealByFire
    Dat Panera commercial. "Love Love Love" is great!
  • Avatar for ajovialoutlook
    I really like Avalanche City's sound, but it's apparent that Dave Baxter is a Christian musician, which in itself is not an issue, but it's important to me to not support someone who is homophobic. Can anyone confirm if Avalanche City are anti-gay or not?
  • Avatar for KirianSparrow
    They are one of most fucking cool and cute bands I've ever heard!!
  • Avatar for HighDCrazy
    Ends in the Ocean!!!
  • Avatar for olivierkibbelin
    Get this man to Europe please!
  • Avatar for kiTTzZus
    in love with the streets
  • Avatar for underthestarsx
    "The Citizens" and "Love Don't Leave" Beauties
  • Avatar for Kriste95
    "Sunset" and "Love Love Love" are my favorite ones!
  • Avatar for niemozliwiak
    "Sunset" was such a pleasant surprise!
  • Avatar for pedroprudente
    I really enjoyed "Sunset", even more than I thought I would
  • Avatar for JonasCG
    The Silence <333333333333333
  • Avatar for incbsko
    The Silence <3
  • Avatar for BeCavalheiro
    The Streets!!! <3
  • Avatar for MrRecklessss
    Love love love ♥ [6] :D :D :D
  • Avatar for akwarelka123
    Love love love ♥ [5]
  • Avatar for HurricaneJe
    Love love love ♥ [4]
  • Avatar for jedioftruth
    Too bad only their EP is available in the US! Great band :)
  • Avatar for beachteach190
    i love it!!!
  • Avatar for adaaamm
    noah and the whale + frank turner + death cab ^_^
  • Avatar for pedroprudente
    OTH brought me here ('the streets' on 9x07), but I really enjoyed the other songs from the new album.
  • Avatar for reggaeglow
    ♥ : "♥ ♥ ♥!"
  • Avatar for KenzyLeggett
    the citizens, hands down his best track <3
  • Avatar for UNCLEV89
    Beautiful ♥
  • Avatar for cinelle
    I heard your heart sayin' love love love <3
  • Avatar for XxMusicchicxX
    so amazing :)
  • Avatar for GLUK-SWAGER
    Love love love ♥ [3]
  • Avatar for randombob18
    Love love love ♥ [2]
  • Avatar for olivierkibbelin
    One of the most underrated artists of this moment!
  • Avatar for beachteach190
    never mind, now i am obsessed. ;)
  • Avatar for beachteach190
    i enjoy this very much so. his voice has so much potential !
  • Avatar for DelicateTea
    love love love ♥
  • Avatar for Laithwen
    An absolute pleasure to see live. And so humble, too! It was great getting to speak with Dave and Romelli after a set in Brooklyn earlier this month. I hope they come back to play New York again soon!
  • Avatar for mel240895
    Love Love Love <3 <3 <3 amazing song :)
  • Avatar for Wipqozn
    Every single song is a gem. I just keep falling more in love!
  • Avatar for pusteblume003
    sweetest lyrics ever, I love you.
  • Avatar for olivierkibbelin
    Noah And The Whale meets Sigur Rós, I love it! <3
  • Avatar for hillsighed
    stoooked to be a kiwi!
  • Avatar for gGravicapaStore
  • Avatar for b-radhole
    Incredible. Almost two months on and this album is still on heavy rotation. Certainly up there for my album of 2011.
  • Avatar for SilentNovA
    The debut album is amazing. Love love love will forever be one of my favourite songs ever from now on.
  • Avatar for SoulMeetsBody0
    I love you guys <3
  • Avatar for star_sie
    These guys are so good! I've only heard two songs and I love them already.
  • Avatar for mvkut37
    love too
  • Avatar for SilentNovA
    I heard your heart say love, love, love. <3
  • Avatar for bloodydeath0
    i love love love love
  • Avatar for XtraNL
    Ty for favoriting them!
  • Avatar for naaaatc
    making new zealanders proud!
  • Avatar for AleksHyperMoon
    thanks for sending love love love on youtube :)))
  • Avatar for yamennoodles
    ♥ :)


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