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Band Members: Band Members:
-Kyle: Bass/Vocals+Longdong Kyle: Bass/Vocals
Wayne: Guitar/Vocals Wayne: Guitar/Vocals
Evan: Vocals Evan: Vocals

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Band Members: Longdong Kyle: Bass/Vocals Wayne: Guitar/Vocals Evan: Vocals Shiny: Drums "AUXILIA's roots can date back to roughly 4 years ago, long before the name and member changes. Throughout it all though, the heart and the true meaning never changed: "We strive to write and play honest, intelligent music". Amongst the ongoing and ever changing trends, AUXILIA sticks to what it believes in and what it wants to play. AUXILIA is it's own living and breathing being, the members are merely the messengers. They work hard to bring those of you who honestly listen to music for the music itself, not for the looks, not for the trends, and not for the breakdowns, the meaning behind each song, and the heart put into making them. AUXILIA is people." Post-Hardcore From Wilkes-Barre, PA