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  • Avatar for otsukaretimu
    Great band. You can really hear the early Death influence in Severed Survival (which makes sense, of course).
  • Avatar for machineheadroks
    this band kicks ass very raw and in your face
  • Avatar for GodofDeathMetal
    Hopefully they'll release a new album this year.
  • Avatar for AnaalForsage
    Skull Grinder is sick. Still need to listen to the new album though.
  • Avatar for GodofDeathMetal
    Yes! The new EP is awesome!
  • Avatar for XJohnWilX
    awesome new EP
  • Avatar for apcranium
    New Skull Grinder is absolutely Masterpiece!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for GodofDeathMetal
    Autopsy rocks! I should listen to them way much more and they're on a roll with new material. This band doesn't disappoint.
  • Avatar for eyehategospel
    @Acidqueen666, I also wanted to write this
  • Avatar for Acidqueen666
    Best death metal band ever.
  • Avatar for WitchfynderBlue
    Severed Survival!
  • Avatar for sizoxxx
  • Avatar for Brockisdead
    (feat. Autopsy)... Fucking why
  • Avatar for Mystificati0n join
  • Avatar for tommydeath
    I love them!
  • Avatar for HenkeRock
    Mental Funeral can very well be the best death metal album of all times.
  • Avatar for MegaDave89
    Amazing DM band
  • Avatar for Neuralblastoma
    love this band
  • Avatar for _duif
    I don't mind the clean sound, it's vital and dynamic and that's what counts.
  • Avatar for ZombiePsyche
    Long time Mental Funeral fan, and just bought all 3 of their last albums. Looking forward to plenty of fun. I know from previews they sound way too damn clean, so I hope they're enjoyable anyway,
  • Avatar for CannibalAltar
    I personally prefer Acts Of The Unspeakable and Fiend for Blood more than Severed Survival and Mental Funeral, but all are great death metal albums \\m/
  • Avatar for suntzutang
    I expected it from the start, but after years of listening to their first two albums I'm certain they rank among the best (and my favorite) metal albums ever. Up there with Carcass and Bolt Throwers best.
  • Avatar for GodofDeathMetal
    They have quite a discography now. A totally classic and essential band that rox!
  • Avatar for BloodDiner
    Macabre Eternal, The Tomb Within, All Tomorrow's Funeral... the sickest and best covers
  • Avatar for Dragoon104
    Znam to z Autopsy
  • Avatar for GoatUser
    Needs to be said that the album cover of the new album is fucking awesome. Album itself kicks ass too.
  • Avatar for jonowev
    One of the best albums of the year so far
  • Avatar for Reflechissant
    dead stiff and cold :3
  • Avatar for treeweavermetal
    I feel like this band has gone severely downhill, especially since they feel the need to churn out so many albums every year and a half. Mental Funeral or bust.
  • Avatar for KellemxD
    Deliver me from sanity, my eyes have seen to much... \\m/
  • Avatar for nlventura93
    New one is quite good indeed, songs are more interesting than on The Headless Ritual, this is straight up old school heaviness!
  • Avatar for John__Lemon
    8/10 full review here:
  • Avatar for XenoChist
    Слушаю только Severed Survival, ахуенный альбом, самый лучший
  • Avatar for LePask
    Muy brutales!!!
  • Avatar for Russian_Wolf
    никогда не понимал, в чем прелесть Вскрытия, но последний альбом норм
  • Avatar for zackled
    I like this album much more than the headless ritual.
  • Avatar for APSW
    Different logo on each album lol
  • Avatar for Yhavimoth
    I love the new album, this band is on a roll.
  • Avatar for zoonecrophile
    "New album put me to sleep " +1
  • Avatar for jonowev
    The vocals are fucking incredible on this new one
  • Avatar for vitorsilighini
    New album put "The Headless Ritual" to rest. AMAZING ALBUM!!
  • Avatar for astralprison
    New record kicks ass.
  • Avatar for MonoPeligroso
    Reifert growls again!
  • Avatar for MonoPeligroso
    What a blast. Quite better than The Headless Ritual, and I was really pleased with that one
  • Avatar for MrSelfcaged
    First listening yet but it sounds real good so far...
  • Avatar for Caxol
    Didn't have a doubt in my mind that it would be another fantastic album. Certainly going to make my charts for 2014.
  • Avatar for cryptic-death
    New album put me to sleep
  • Avatar for Hopkinator
    Loving it!
  • Avatar for Abramelinn
    The new album is quite good! It sounds like it's halfway between Severed Survival and Mental Funeral. This isn't a bad thing, but I'd like to see if they could reinvent themselves. They sounded like they were on the way to doing so with Macabre Eternal, but these last two albums have been lateral moves. Excellent, regardless.
  • Avatar for drmagg
    @New album is their best work since Mental Funeral. @ ---> Gotta agree with that. Riffage, drumwork - everything is perfect.


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