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  • Avatar for isitbeer30yet
    not too shabby :)
  • Avatar for LoveDub
    The bald guy looks exactly like me. Bizarre! :)
  • Avatar for atlantiluna
    They sound great! I'd been looking for music like theirs and glad I discovered them recently. The vocals are smooth, the synths are punchy and cool, the melodies are memorable and it's a good mix of sounds overall.
  • Avatar for muryloalves
    This duo is fucking awesome.
  • Avatar for MJRocker1987
  • Avatar for plectric
    The Fallen
  • Avatar for fredlol
  • Avatar for itsmysandwich
    A-Train is awesome. I wish they made more tracks like it.
  • Avatar for milsilencios
  • Avatar for Electrofreaks
    I just bought Self Help For Beginners on cd and got home and couldn't find any good reviews online. WTF! I think it is a really good album for its style.
  • Avatar for Imajika
    O M G <3
  • Avatar for fdaallday
    One of the FREE downloads:
  • Avatar for FreeMHZ
    O M G
  • Avatar for DCozmonaut
    Seventh Seal <3
  • Avatar for sparklecrunch
    love this band....kinda mash up of DP, New Order with some Visage thrown in for good measure, all wrapped in massive beats. Totally 80's electro-pop derivative but brilliantly so - how can you not dance to either album?! ;0
  • Avatar for mvkut37
  • Avatar for id22938284
    New album is awesome!
  • Avatar for HiveMag
    Looking for any reviewers/writers to review their new album 'Self Help For Beginners' for - message if you're interested with any previous work.
  • Avatar for Parklife-de
    Get their cover version of the New Order classic "Temptation" for free (legal download, uploaded by the band itself):
  • Avatar for QubikNoobik
  • Avatar for kutox1
    Thanks for recommending these guys. Great stuff
  • Avatar for Azgath
    awesome, i'm in love with this sounds, especially in "always more"
  • Avatar for Violara
    where is "french girls play guitar" it's so "grossARTig" !!!
  • Avatar for g_mini
    always more is really the best!
  • Avatar for UcielSaGi
    Fucking Clash !!!! :D Come to mexico
  • Avatar for dAniel_brit
    Come to Peru...!!!
  • Avatar for DCozmonaut
    ( me again ) can't wait, the new one is coming :)
  • Avatar for DCozmonaut
    Last Show :)
  • Avatar for dAniel_brit
    Always More <3
  • Avatar for kapitoshkovna
    вообщем прям.так качает,прям всех эмоций не выразить <3
  • Avatar for Jachiros
    Opposite of Love is great. Excited for new album.
  • Avatar for Akhenaton7
    Come to Brazil! [3]
  • Avatar for SixtyForce78
    Greaaat !
  • Avatar for Sp1ritus
    fckn awesome.
  • Avatar for SoulCal1337
    but storming onto the scene implies they made their big début in 2009
  • Avatar for omg_oakley
    the description is wrong, they didnt storm onto the scene in 2009 - i saw them live 07
  • Avatar for NaphacK
    the song always more is so identic to Kiss - I was made for loving you , listen it. =O
  • Avatar for tinksus
    see u in zurich!
  • Avatar for john_golt
  • Avatar for lets-make-out
  • Avatar for ilkamf
    Come to Brazil! [2] \o/
  • Avatar for dAniel_brit
    Are they form England or France?
  • Avatar for Mayraalves
    Come to Brazil!
  • Avatar for TheRubyLounge
    AUTOKRATZ homecoming show on Friday 2nd July at The Ruby Lounge, support comes from hotly-tipped WALLS. more details on link below...
  • Avatar for StasyFish
    awesome set! Moscow loves you! [4]
  • Avatar for lastdownpour
    awesome set! Moscow loves you! [2]
  • Avatar for vitany
    awesome set! Moscow loves you!
  • Avatar for p0wer_v1olence
    can't stand without reminds me a lot of depeche mode.. in a good way :)
  • Avatar for scooze82
  • Avatar for Tokage15
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