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  • Avatar for GaaraGOinMusic1
    spin the beat
  • Avatar for PostHuman96
    Something about this album makes me think of Tibetan sky burials.
  • Avatar for polymorphous71
    "The last great Autechre album" - Have they stopped producing and called it a day then?
  • Avatar for Kosmoso_Ragana
  • Avatar for DayvanMollusk
    The last great Autechre album,
  • Avatar for Zephral
  • Avatar for DrSlump7
    definitely the best from Autechre yet.
  • Avatar for The_SchizoidMan
    This album and Tri Repetae are the best Autechre albums.
  • Avatar for BTBAMowns111
    I like this one. it's a very pleasant sounding album while still offering something for deeper and more focused listens
  • Avatar for IvanTank
    the album is similar to [artist]Arovane[/artist]
  • Avatar for achromes
    i ❤ this album
  • Avatar for IAJP
    stunning record. deceptively easy listen too, in my opinion.
  • Avatar for homelesstaco
    It's been a while since i listened to this through, and i forgot how great it was
  • Avatar for dI-__-Ib
  • Avatar for kajuga
    "Draft 7.30 - Confield = Oversteps" [2] I like this one more than two years ago. Maybe it's not as solid as their best albums, but it has lot of great moments like for example 'r ess'.
  • Avatar for boehj
  • Avatar for m1a100
    "This is a hard-to-listen record." - You guys are fucking weird.
  • Avatar for no-thanks
    Baroque classical in space. [2]
  • Avatar for diver000
    agree... but now not with all songs
  • Avatar for diver000
    noo.. i'm not right,,, this is another way
  • Avatar for diver000
    1 - R Ess; 2 - Ilanders; 3 - Known(1); 4 - Pt2ph8; 5 - Qplay; 6 - See On See; 7 - Treale; 8 - Os Veix3; 9 - O=0; 10 - D-Sho Qub; 11 - St Epreo; 12 - Redfall; 13 - Krylon; 14 - Yuop ... only 2,5,10,11 is best,,, this is not that style of idm which i wanted to hear
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  • Avatar for j33433
    Most computers will truncate the 24 bit wav to 16
  • Avatar for JOJOKYRA
    I think to press post now.
  • Avatar for gabrieldeluxe
    This has to be listened in 24 bit wav. format.
  • Avatar for noo_dog
    Too intricate to be like amber, but too warm and mellow to be compared to anything they've done recently. It's just a different take on the Autechre sound yet again.
  • Avatar for Watchful_Eye
    Oversteps needs way more hype. 8)
  • Avatar for niqart
    5/10 Confield & Druft 7.30 much better..... And Quaristice better than this album too....
  • Avatar for Goomba4001
    Draft 7.30 - Confield = Oversteps
  • Avatar for Meltfore
    Baroque classical in space.
  • Avatar for MarsilVendeur
    Amber part 2? Not even close. I have mixed feelings towards Oversteps, it just doesn't have that Autechre feel.
  • Avatar for Zephism
  • Avatar for mariacool
    kaziorvb, ur avatar is awful!
  • Avatar for kaziorvb
    OMG. I wish there was a "Love" button for albums, because I would definitely press it right now. By the way: I'm listening to Oversteps for the first time right now...
  • Avatar for spacehxc
    Got my oversteps vinyl in the mail today, the packaging is gorgeous
  • Avatar for doomaddicts
    Autechre takes their complexity from the past few albums and puts it into melodies = I like
  • Avatar for gurrucion similar to autechre, cool
  • Avatar for gurrucion
    fucking GET IN!!!
  • Avatar for DefaultXR
    "Warm" is definitely one of the best ways to describe it.
  • Avatar for KinetiK01
    Amber part 2. I love it.
  • Avatar for gabrieldeluxe
  • Avatar for Zephism
    good or greatest? :D
  • Avatar for rogueofmv
    this is delicious
  • Avatar for Bolshevized
    Oversteps is actually not as retro as some people are trying to say. There's a complexity in there, but it's more subtle this time around. It's more about the subdued melodies and the interplay between all the different sounds going on in the background, as opposed to how Untilted was all about rhythm, for example. Definitely an album that grows on repeated listens, but I guess Autechre fans should know that by now!
  • Avatar for doss-house
  • Avatar for Gluwc
    After being completely confused for the first few listens I have to say this album is pure bliss. So intimate, but extremely intense at the same time.
  • Avatar for spacehxc
    I'm blown away, I'm so glad they are going the heavy melody/ambiance route again
  • Avatar for araungzeb
    Wow, not what I expected at all. This reminds me a bit of the Donkey Kong Country Soundtracks and Aphex Twin's SAW work, but in a very good way! Who could have guessed that Autechre would return to Ambience? Also, I'm only about halfway through the album so far, but who else agrees that known(1) is unbelievable?
  • Avatar for doomaddicts
  • Avatar for Thehauntingsoul
    d-sho qub is completely awesome. Slight Quaristice throwback in the intro, with a twist I could never have begun to predict. Two thumbs up on this album.


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