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    You should release at least 100 new albums.
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    Amber is one of the warmest sounding electronic albums ever.,,
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    For those who missed it:
  • Avatar for achromes
    what an album :*
  • Avatar for voshchronos
    I can't get enough of the first disc, damn.
  • Avatar for Sorbetto13
    Psh, I make 4h of idm/glitch/acid techno every day before breakfast.
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    Autechre's music isn't free of emotions, it's free of emotional instructions.
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    @Mork_Laerer :::::::::: WELL DONE MAN. ;)
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    The love button sucks. Love!WTF?!
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    mesh cinereaL
  • Avatar for I0000days
    I wonder if they support Brexit? Of course they do... who am I kidding. Minds so erudite and mobile are always, politically, on the right.
  • Avatar for Mork_Laerer
    @HeadShoter, Goomba4001: Thank you guys. I wanna try to make something for other elseq tracks too. I love the fact that Autechre play in total darkness to let the listeners immerse their senses into their imagination, but at the same time I think they should also use some visual design like that. Their music is hugely synesthetic and each sound can bring to mind different images and concepts.
  • Avatar for Goomba4001
    @Mork_Laerer That is a great video, I hope that enters the canon of Autechre fanvids (up there with the plyPhon one). It's kind of weird realizing Autechre hasn't had an official video since 2002(?). @Los_Bybys No. But it's interesting discussing the impact and resulting listening experience of the decision to release a 4+ hour album, not your run-of-the-mill album format, even for Autechre.
  • Avatar for HeadShoteR
    @Mork_Laerer - Dude, that video is awesome!
  • Avatar for voshchronos
    Man, I'm getting to love that first disc.
  • Avatar for Los_Bybys
    People are actually whining about getting tons of new music?
  • Avatar for Mork_Laerer
    I've created this video for the track "foldree casual", I tried to make it synchronized with the sounds somehow. I think it fits directly with the stylistic glitch design which characterizes their art. The circles are intentional references to the elseq cover obviously. I hope you enjoy it guys:
  • Avatar for exaze
    u can say what ya want, they will never listen to you, they cant hear, isnt this obvious?
  • Avatar for mikelittlepony
    Personally, I love that elseq 1–5 seems so unedited, unfiltered. And I appreciate that they released it the way they did, ignoring standards to fit a format/medium. It kind of frees me from the ways that I listen to music usually, because I very often play an album and almost pressure myself having to play it in its entirety, so I don't miss that "album feel". For elseq it doesn't seem "sacrilegious" to play only Part 4, or Part 3 after 2, or to make a playlist, at all (it works though, playing 1-5). It was similar with Quaristice/Versions/Quadrange, but here is seems to be by design. So, elseq 1–5 is not too long, the idea of an album/EP/single or even a timelimit, shouldn't be made into a straightjaket, for you or the music.
  • Avatar for HeadShoteR
    @epoetin - You don't have to listen to it in its entirety. At least I don't listen to it like that. I just put on whichever of the five parts I feel like listening to at the given moment.
  • Avatar for epoetin
    Elseq 1-5 - great idea and cool that they're productive, but personally it's just too long
  • Avatar for Wounded-Kite
    @Xhi - I'd say Oversteps was that album, and it might be a while til we get another one like it...
  • Avatar for lMukeyl
    arch carrier
  • Avatar for The_MAT_Mark
    Pitchfork gave it 7.0/6.6/6.9/7.1/6.8/10...7.0-6.6-6.9-7.1-6.8/10? 6̅.̅9̅/10!
  • Avatar for Xhi
    elseq series is great, but an album like incunabula or amber would be nice once in a while.
  • Avatar for voshchronos
    I like "c16 deep tread" almost hip-hop-esque beat and intense atmosphere.
  • Avatar for Goomba4001
    @I0000days You say that like it's a bad thing
  • Avatar for Goomba4001
    Part of me wishes Autechre could've released an consistently solid 1.5 hour, hell, 2.5 hour album that could've easily been one of their easiest to throw around to new fans (and uninitiated friends) and released the rest on an EP or something. Howeeever I kinda like the explorable labyrinthian feeling that comes with a giant-ass album like this. I'm torn.
  • Avatar for I0000days
    Disc 5 is already massively overrated. It sounds like something Vladislav Delay would do if he did pot instead of quality Finnish alcohol.
  • Avatar for niqart
    Im one of those who interested in Radiohead`s experimental stuff, love albums In Rainbows, TKOL, Kid A, Amnesiac and their new alum is really bland. As for Autechre i just cant understand why they choose for lead single almost worst track like "feed1" - very monotonous boring one.... The 5th CD still best from new release.
  • Avatar for gin_platonic
    čtyřhodinová rychta s Autechre aka očistec roku:
  • Avatar for SimonWoerner
    radiohead makes just beautiful, unique indie-rock. nothing more, nothing less. fuck radiohead fans and fuck pointless radiohead haters. can i just enjoy the music? thx
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  • Avatar for Goomba4001
    I think the artwork makes sense as part of a set even though no individual part really stands out. I'll admit the AE_LIVE covers were a lot more interesting though, I wouldn't mind if those were swapped. Even though Quaristice had simple track artwork like elseq it still had a great LP cover to hold in your hands (especially Quarisitice Versions' metal cover—drool-worthy). Nothing beats the monolithic blackness (yet organic painted look) of the Oversteps artwork though. With their previous albums with track artwork I liked making weird synesthetic associations between the track artwork and the music itself and I know I'm going to do the same thing with elseq.
  • Avatar for I0000days
    Some guys still believe that people are into Radiohead just because they experimented a bit in the past? No. It is because they are a catchy British band, nothing more... no one cares about their experimental nature no more.
  • Avatar for I0000days
    Astronauts? Really? The Earth is flat.
  • Avatar for Mork_Laerer
    I suppose if Autechre weren't musicians, I bet they were astronauts.
  • Avatar for HeadShoteR
    To be honest I think elseq artwork is kind of... well... terrible. It's most likely a deliberate decision to do the graphics in an OCD triggering fashion but I guess I don't get the joke. Otherwise I love TDR artworks so who knows maybe even this one will grow on me in time.
  • Avatar for Goomba4001
    I made a GIF of the elseq track artwork like I did for Oversteps back in the day, except I'm not willing to give up my current avatar, so y'all can have at it:
  • Avatar for Goomba4001
    Designer's Republic has finally stumped me in my efforts to have correct album artwork. Track artwork for each track, artwork for each disc, and artwork for the set as a whole. For Quaristice and Oversteps I cheated by creating a .01 second track of silence to hold/display the album's artwork (and the rest of the tracks having their individual artwork), but I think they've finally got me.
  • Avatar for TNTF
    "Just in time to make Radiohead's 'experimentation' look silly. Well done, boys." +3
  • Avatar for SimonWoerner
    "Just in time to make Radiohead's 'experimentation' look silly. Well done, boys." What the hell is this even meant to mean? [2]
  • Avatar for One-NightStand
    M83J01P97: EXPERIMENTATION=POPULAR / Greenwood excluded though.
  • Avatar for M83J01P97
    "Just in time to make Radiohead's 'experimentation' look silly. Well done, boys." What the hell is this even meant to mean? A Moon Shaped Pool is probably Radiohead's least 'experimental' album in a long time, although having said that King of Limbs was hardly experimental either. They have long moved out of that phase in their career so I don't see any connection between the two at all... or ever in all honesty, other than Thom Yorke name checking them as an influence on Kid A creatively a long time ago.
  • Avatar for gazgalaxy909
    Eastre on Elseq 3 FTW!!
  • Avatar for buddhanilo
    4th and 5th are amazing
  • Avatar for HeadShoteR
    Digging 4th and 5th the most now.


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