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  • Love this band!
  • Este grupo me gusta cada día más.
  • Found In Far Away Places is the greatest album I listened to in the last 10 years.
  • My favorite band ever.
  • sleddin hill the holiday album is masterpeice
  • I'm delighted
  • The worlds best Metalcore band.
  • I was very impressed. Now these guys are one of the best metalcore bands for me
  • The problem with abr is that they are too good
  • ALBUM REVIEW August Burns Red - Found In Far Away Places
  • upon a second listen i think the new album might be their best yet.
  • upon a second listen i think the new album might be their best yet.
  • lots of weird interludes in the new album but nevertheless another solid outing from ABR. good to know there's at least one metalcore band out there that has stuck to their roots and hasn't drastically changed their sound. can't say the same for elitist.
  • Dyomaeth, can't agree with you! All songs from Found In Far Away Places are unforgettable !!!
  • The last 2 albums are pretty good but I fear that they might not have the capacity to write consistently good albums like Constellations and Leveler. I like how both of those albums are like a journey and that they're both "all killer no filler". I found Rescue and Restore pretty forgettable and I fear that Found In Far Away places has only 2 perfect songs - Identity and Ghosts
  • ABR 2015:, please vote it up! thanks
  • Saw them on Tuesday for the first time in 5 years. Such a great live band.
  • STOP! Loving The Lie !
  • STOP! Loving The Lie !
  • Broken Promises may be their most complete/perfect song. These guys continue to slay.
  • Wrecking Ball is "their" most listened song by far, what the hell man...
  • Check out ThrashGangsters new video clip "Terror Has Begun"
  • ABR 2015:, please vote it up! thanks
  • Новый альбом великолепен!! Как же эти ребята гениально рвут шаблоны!!!
  • Everlasting Ending ! What an energy and a beautiful song ! Top 5.
  • New album is definitely their best since Constellations. [2] My goodness, I didn't expect that. Such creativity, much variety, very jewcore, so progressive, wow
  • Oh noes. They did it again.
  • Everlasting Ending ..... Has to be in my top 3 favorite ABR songs ever.
  • WOW! I didn't think ABR could continue to peak. Definitely my favorite work from these guys. Looks like they haven't plateaud yet. Continue pumping out amazing music boys. Favorite album.
  • New album is definitely their best since Constellations. [2]
  • New album is definitely their best since Constellations. The riffs, the goddamn RIFFS!
  • Новый альбом шикарен!
  • These guys never disappoint. New album is amazing!
  • New album is win.
  • New album annihilates
  • fckng PERFECT! \\m/
  • unique band...masterpiece songs...greatest in the genre! ABR
  • New album is a masterpiece.. litteraly
  • fuck yeah Twenty-One Grams. the riffs <3
  • oh baby
  • Impressive new album.
  • <3
  • One of the best band in this genre. But new album is bullshit):
  • Best group in the whole genre. New album is amazing, <3
  • Found in Far Away Places might be their best album yet IMO
  • ABR 2015:,
  • fuck'n jesus christ new album is perfect!


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