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  • Avatar for Ratmann
    cool shit!
  • Avatar for Kaloss
    damn, this is it!
  • Avatar for we_r_beautiful
    "YOU CAN'T LIE TO I, THE STEREO" whats the real title to that song?
  • Avatar for rodrigobreaks
    Is just ridiculous the fact that 'anthony green' is the first tag. It's insulting, and, also, he's not even a genre.
  • Avatar for HighAndDriving2
  • Avatar for phoenixsinger93
    Anthony Green was actually an emo musician? Whoa.
  • Avatar for meltingcharcoal
    anyone know where i can find saosin?
  • Avatar for Doomdominus
    it's like you took indian summer and then it sucked your cock gently
  • Avatar for Doomdominus
    wow... this is emo indeed
  • Avatar for Franckkky
    Ishmael is my favourite
  • Avatar for HighAndDriving2
    i love how raw this shit is compared to circa! first track on the demo is my fav
  • Avatar for AvalonSliced
    top listener? fuck year
  • Avatar for riot7s
    i cant stop listening to this. its so fuckin smooth as far as the sound go. and you can tell Anthony Green is just starting out by how simple his lyrics are. he like fuckin evovled
  • Avatar for SkyEatsMoon
    Found the Four song demo. I have no idea what I'm supposed to call the tracks but whatever
  • Avatar for summerfences
    i actually bought this thing
  • Avatar for jairbreaux
    only cr00sh kids have this
  • Avatar for piscesiscari0t
    Not better than Circa but extremely enjoyable nonetheless kthxbi.
  • Avatar for SkyEatsMoon
    Better than Circa kthxbi.
  • Avatar for actttappalled75
    i used to have the demo and i remember but my comp crashed. does anyone know where i can find it again??? i still have it on my ipod though
  • Avatar for YammiesPower
  • Avatar for piscesiscari0t
    I haven't listened to it yet, but is the song This Night Has Opened My Eyes a cover of The Smiths song?
  • Avatar for Irreversalsin
    It breaks my heart to see you smile.
  • Avatar for actttappalled75
    show your teeth
  • Avatar for nath___
    Audience Of One quem tem o vocal do grande anthony green! nos seus passa tempos com amigos. "no seus passa tempos com amigos." wtfffffff
  • Avatar for SoMuchDisco
    Christian emo? It's that bullshit.
  • Avatar for bradwrigs
    anthony green is a god.
  • Avatar for ticklishgio
    no this cnt be skram its one of first 3rd wave indie screamo
  • Avatar for lylynn
  • Avatar for scarsbullet321
    i knew anthony green was into the emo music,
  • Avatar for youngzhuang
    where can i get their album??
  • Avatar for Ej1oo1
    this is good stuff. i would call it post hardcore but i may be wrong
  • Avatar for hottninja
    can't find a torrent
  • Avatar for Ocupag
    where can i get this tuff?
  • Avatar for chilichow
    lol @ ticklishgio. NOT even close to the first screamo band.
  • Avatar for mjcurtis
    who told you that?
  • Avatar for ticklishgio
    Track_one is called "stay now", track_two is called "I get more",track_three is called "Keep the heart of" and number four is untitled
  • Avatar for bj_burger
    I must say you're annoying.
  • Avatar for littleintoagirl
    I must say this is intresting!
  • Avatar for ticklishgio
    if u dnt knw anthony green then do not bother listening to this. cuz anthony green is amazing.
  • Avatar for instantlemonade
  • Avatar for ticklishgio
    well its more early scremo music maybe one of the 1st scremo bands tht came out.. they sound like music from 2day i really enjoy there album one of the best i heard so far i got all there the songs from there album and e.p they made in 2001
  • Avatar for aandyy
    i prefer this to a lot of the stuff AG has put out through circa survive and saosin. high five recommendation page.
  • Avatar for mjcurtis
  • Avatar for HighAndDriving2
    saosin(song) is on the album i can remember when this all meant something.
  • Avatar for enlivenjoy311
    yeah, I'm with umbrellaman87... what are the names to the tracks on the 4 song EP?
  • Avatar for HAHAimhardcore
    where do you get these guys?
  • Avatar for tehcow
    the demo is better than the album i think
  • Avatar for tatiilima
    the better. I love much <3
  • Avatar for umbrellaman87
    if anyone knows the name of the 4 songs from the demo, please message me. Thank you. And album art if possible.
  • Avatar for falloftroys


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