• Sunn At Southbank Centre (London, England)

    21 Jun 2007, 23:25 by awesome_wells

    Mon 18 Jun – Sunn O))), Meltdown 2007

    We saw Sunn in concert again this week, at a venue right on the waterfront of the River Thames in London no less, about 400 yards from the London Eye ferris wheel and in view of Big Ben and the Houses Of Parliament. The venue they played at was the Southbank Centre which is located in on the Thames riverside between Golden Jubilee and Waterloo Bridges, in Central London. The venue has lots of concert halls inside it, the gig was held in somewhere called The Queen Elizabeth Hall - very posh sounding - it usually gets used for chamber orchestra recitals, I don't know if it's ever been used for anything like Sunn before (or if it will again).

    This was part of an event called "Jarvis Cocker's Meltdown". Jarvis Cocker, in case you aren't sure, is a musician from Sheffield who used to be in an indie band called Pulp. My sister liked Pulp, never really my thing though. Cocker's best moment was when he ran on stage at the Brit Awards show and…
  • Pentemple/Sunn O))) & Boris

    16 May 2007, 17:08 by lashesandstars

    And you know how sometimes you witness something so great that it blows you away to the point of speechlessness...?

    Yeah, that.

    Sunn O)))
    Oren Ambarchi
    Attila Csihar

    Layers, layers, layers...
  • Japanese Jealousy

    26 Apr 2007, 21:49 by awesome_wells

    Sunno))) & Boris tour Australia and Japan in May 07 and they are going to Tokyo while they're there. They weren't originally slated to go through Tokyo, but a new date has been added in the trendiest place on the entire planet, Shinjuku - with Merzbow!!! Check out these dates:

    May 3 Totally Huge New Music Festival, Perth
    May 5 The Columbian, Brisbane
    May 6 Factory Theatre, Sydney
    May 9 HiFi Bar, Melbourne

    May 13 Lots, Niigata
    May 15 Shinjuku Earthdom, Tokyo (with Merzbow!)
    May 16 Nagoya Club Quattro, Nagoya
    May 17 Shinsaibashi Club Quattro, Osaka
    May 20 Club Citta', Kawasaki (playing ALTAR)

    Burial Chamber Trio (Oren Ambarchi, Attila Csihar, Greg Anderson)
    May 28 Shinjuku Earthdom, Tokyo

    Wow, that last one would be really awesome, to go to Shinjuku and hang out with Greg Anderson and Attila Csihar - two of the coolest men in Metal. That will be an amazing tour I bet!
  • SunnO))) In Tilburg

    23 Apr 2007, 13:29 by awesome_wells

    Got back from Holland this morning after an interesting 24 hours in Amsterdam and Tilburg. The concert that we went there to see was great, very loud and pretty psychedelic is probably the best way of describing it. I've seen Sunno))) a few times now and they always seem to be adding things to their live sound and making then performances a bit longer, more theatrical and forever unpredictable. They had Attila Csihar doing the vocals for them again (like in Norway last month) and he came on stage alone for about 10 minutes, whispering and groaning into the microphone while he crouched on the spot. Then Greg Anderson, Stephen O'Malley and Tos came onto the stage and the drone began... and as ever they were all dressed in the usual medieval style robes. After about 20 minutes Attila decided to lay on the floor and fall asleep for about an hour before getting back up and carrying on doing the vocals. They whole set was about 90 minutes long, one long droning piece as always. …
  • Going To Tilburg

    24 Mar 2007, 09:33 by awesome_wells

    After the trip over to Bergen to see Sunno))) I felt perhaps that would be the end of the holigigs for the time being. Then Attila Csihar mentioned to us about the upcoming shows on April 20th & 22nd - which I have just booked tix for. I have 3 tickets for the show in Tilburg on Sunday April 22nd.

    See you there.
  • SunnO))) In Norway

    19 Mar 2007, 12:12 by awesome_wells

    Went to see Sunno))) play a gig in Domkirken, Bergen, Norway last night. They played in a cathedral and it was different to say the least. They used guitars, vocals, the cathedral pipe organ, a moog synthesizer and a trombone. Hahaha, trombone.

    When the music ended and the band disappeared away into the back rooms of the church we ran up to the stage and took photos of the bands stuff that they had left strewn about the stage. Well, *I* ran up on the stage, camera in hand. Then everyone else kind of followed me up. It was really funny actually, everyone slowly creeped over to take a look at the stage and I waded through, stood on the front of the stage with my arms stretched up and making 2 claws with my hands and got my photo took, then grabbed the camera and went onto the stage and took close ups of all the amps and guitars. hahaha, well why not; what were they going to do, kick me out of church? God botherers.

    When everyone started taking photos it looked like a gang of…
  • Sunn O))) + Earth at Leeds Cockpit 11/2/06

    13 Feb 2006, 00:53 by andy_taylor

    I arrived late thanks to a crappy taxi and missed the first 15 minutes of Earth's set.

    The part that I did see was totally breathtaking. With the latest (and in my opinion best) Earth album sounding very much like the soundtrack to some epic western I was hoping for a proper band performance as opposed to a recital and Dylan Carlson and Co (drummer, bassist and trombone/keys player) exceeded all of my expectations while simultaneously kicking my arse. The set flowed from dark melancholy passages to more hopeful sounding stuff, with the intro from Pentastar: In the Style of Demons thrown in as a nod to the past.

    Dylan's guitar playing was spectacular. He communicated so much with so few notes. You really couldn't help but be moved when he turned towards his amp at the end of Railford and started soloing*. It was like the sudden happy ending to a very bleak tale. I was honestly close to crying like a big girl after such a majestic end to the set.