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  • Avatar for GodofDeathMetal
    Battle at Helms Deep is the best Attacker album.
  • Avatar for metalkillthekin
    Battle at Helms Deep!!!!
  • Avatar for Siffie91
    Check out this group for exploring and sharing superb Old School Metal!
  • Avatar for bloody72
    pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Attacker
  • Avatar for Eliallday
  • Avatar for adrian1265
    They're turning your head! Make you look at the dead in their aaaaaaaaaaaayyyyeeeeees!
  • Avatar for defnoob
    Damn Spotify screws up the artist's name.
  • Avatar for Eddie_imp
    awesome music \m/
  • Avatar for StinkyBeaverOoz
    The Second Coming is sick
  • Avatar for metalinvader34
    The Hermit!
  • Avatar for Metalparanoia
    They're turning your head! Make you look at the dead in their eyes!
  • Avatar for MTIBELGIUM
    New reviews / interviews at:
  • Avatar for Darmer_91
    the lords of thundeeeeeeeeeeeer
  • Avatar for gulmor
  • Avatar for RockSaurier
    underrated my ass :) these guys are one helluva band \m/
  • Avatar for metalinvader34
    Zero Hour
  • Avatar for Vash619
    the wrath of nevermoreeeee !!! [2]
  • Avatar for Deathroner
  • Avatar for gulmor
    "Soul Taker" album is outstanding.
  • Avatar for BeyondTheHorror
    For some reason i haven't got around to listening to theese guys until now even though i like all the simmilar bands. And as i suspected i should have checked em out earlier. Battle At Helms Deep is fantastic.
  • Avatar for cauldronborn86
    the wrath of nevermoreeeee !!!
  • Avatar for joshmattg
    the second coming is an amazing album!
  • Avatar for Motion2Sever
    Awesome. Where are all the listeners?!?! ~ZBF
  • Avatar for AngelWitch757
    Kick ass !!!
  • Avatar for RockSaurier
    Great Band \m/
  • Avatar for metalinvader34
    Only 7,000 listeners wtf?
  • Avatar for FC3SCorey
  • Avatar for greyscale42
  • Avatar for nectarbud
    Kick Your Face!!! one of the most under rated Metal classic's of all time!!! Jim Mooney! One of the all time Greats!!!
  • Avatar for Aquiles_Wy
    best speed metal band
  • Avatar for jacobo123
  • Avatar for Heavy_Bell
    Zero Hour is cool song!
  • Avatar for MEFlyingV
    Call on the.... ATTACKER!
  • Avatar for beer_snob
    kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick your face!
  • Avatar for Cptroll
    Hermit, hermit alone on a hill Let them laugh, say what they will Hermit, hermit, your time has come!!!
  • Avatar for ManiacForces
    Calling on the Attacker
  • Avatar for Brainfever
    This Is Power!
  • Avatar for LordPorksword
    Fantastic stuff. Battle at Helms Deep... What an album.
  • Avatar for HeadShop
    Kind of cool =]
  • Avatar for Enharioth
    Just discovered...Amazing!!!
  • Avatar for The_Thomas
    What Frankie Valie vocals?
  • Avatar for kirkandkhristi
    Lose the Frankie Valie vocals and I might be able to tolerate it. The guitars are decent.
  • Avatar for Jetx
    They're ok. I'll give them a while to grow on me.
  • Avatar for Nergal-Behemoth
    So great. So awesome. In my opinion, Attacker is one of the best power metal bands ever, Battle at Helm's Deep is just so perfect! Also the latter albums are great. Hail Attacker!
  • Avatar for beer_snob
    The new album sounds good - like Soul Taker did. Too bad they can't match the classic first two albums though :P
  • Avatar for BornToBePuli
    np: Attacker -- Disciple ___ [Battle at Helm's Deep] 03:17 (90%) <volume:77>

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