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  • Someday Came Suddenly will never die, bitches
  • OM&M > Attack Attack! >>>>>>>>> Beartooth [2]
  • crabcore 5ever bitches.
  • @sirboundles For what reason you opened an account if your hate music damned? The best bet is to shut the fuck up and get lost.
  • in my opinion the worst metal band in recent memory they basically started every Trend I hate in modern metal combine that with the awful use of electronics terrible vocals and mixing Someday Came Suddenly is on my list worst albums of all time
  • I'm bummed they broke up. I wouldn't have minded hearing an album with the new vocalist.
  • ~opinions~
  • OM&M > Attack Attack! >>>>>>>>> Beartooth
  • Beartooth and OM&M are both a million times better than AA! Austin and Caleb both showed so much potential, even in a band that wasn't that great tbh. Good to see them using their talents and making rad music.
  • Greeting bobo9390 I came from a very far dimension to tell u this again SHUT YOUR PUSSY!!!
  • Can't wait until 2018 when they reunite for the inevitable Someday Came Suddenly 10 year anniversary reunion tour.
  • pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Attack Attack!
  • v There are still some Neo-Crab bands out there like Survive This! and Everyone Dies In Utah, but even those are slowly going away.
  • RIP Crabcore (2008 – 2008)
  • Already missing this band. They were pioneers.
  • All Alone ♥
  • Best band ever :)
  • oh lord my ears
  • Best band ever :)
  • Good fucking riddance, this band was a crime against humanity.
  • Беартуф пизже.
  • I did a new vocal cover. it would be awesome if u could give me some feedback under the video. thanks.
  • I miss this band so much!
  • oh
  • Shoutbox is really homophobic though.
  • Someone recommended this to me, not sure how you go from black/death/thrash to this, but ok. I had a good laugh with this [url=]video[/url] either way. Crabcore, what is that even? lol
  • gayband, music for faggots [2] I think the guy who posted this was implying it as a bad thing though... Can't tell for sure. Great band.
  • Still love these guys. One of the first bands to get me into post-hxc.
  • Главная проблема музыки в России это не радио... (Ц)
  • gayband, music for faggots
  • attack attack is the essence of post hardcore. they combine everything that is hateworthy in post-hardcore
  • How the fuck is Attack Attack post hardcore? Do you even know what post hardcore is? Someday Came Suddenly is a classic tho.
  • I'm hoping they do a reunion tour someday. This Means War has grown on me in the years since its release.
  • i last listened to this band when i was 12 that was 6 years ago i have come so far (but this band is still solid af)
  • @Mental_Impulse уже рипанулись.
  • their first album is a guilty pleasure.. [2] why is it so god damn fun
  • группа наверно развалится у меня плохое предчувствие xD
  • gays
  • their first album is a guilty pleasure..
  • "ПХК слушают только гомосеки, но иногда можно послушать немножк" А если серьезно, но нормуль банда.Жаль, что развалились.
  • а где сейчас Ник Бархам,знает кто?
  • Худшее, что могло случиться с пост-хардкором.
  • Started getting into these guys to late.. Oh well still enjoy them as well as the new projects some of the old members are part of!
  • I think it'd be a better idea to have every parent show their kid how not to become a bitter internet metal nerd who relies on homophobia and encouraging suicide, but that's just me.
  • @ bassius- Your most listened to band is Dark Tranquillity... Lmao... thats funny.
  • Magnificent Crabcore FTW


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