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  • Avatar for X-evier
    паблик в vk по space ambient'у -
  • Avatar for outfield7790
    First of all early Delerium should be signed as similar. Archimetrical Universe sounds just like Spheres, Peter himself recognized it. One of the most important space ambient albums for me anyway... And new Laniakea is amazing and completely chill out : P
  • Avatar for CCVVLW
  • Avatar for kondou-san
    Проект настолько понравился, что купил в его магазине диски. Так и заполучил его подпись на коробке с посылкой... ха-ха, чем не автограф)
  • Avatar for Arkandast
    "Fragments of the Past" запомнилась хорошо только эта композиция. Да и некоторые другие в принципе неплохи.
  • Avatar for djantithetical
    I love raison d'être, but the fact that Peter Andersson also makes this music is what truly convinces me of his genius.
  • Avatar for Hexoctahedron
    If you're interested in Atomine Elektrine and similar stuff, you're welcome to my [url=]musica blog[/url].
  • Avatar for 23lizards
    Sagittarius Cloud is better than any other track.
  • Avatar for mandrragore
    Techno and Raison d'Etre mix together, funny
  • Avatar for Hexoctahedron
    Some rare interesting electronic and metal music can be found [url=]here[/url].
  • Avatar for lovesane
    (The beginning of Elemental Severance is obviously referring to early Enigma albums)
  • Avatar for lovesane
    Solen_Svartnar, правда. Начало Elemental Severance явно ссылается на ранние альбомы Enigma.
  • Avatar for c2h4n
    кроме ES не могу ничего слушать. не идет как-то.
  • Avatar for Spacewatcher
    "Archimetrical Universe" офигенно просто, особенно первый трек. Binomial Fusion какой-то странный альбом, я его так и не понял. Есть мнение, что его нужно было выпускать под иным именем.
  • Avatar for Hexoctahedron
    I suggest you visit my [url=]blog[/url] in case you would like some interesting music like this artist.
  • Avatar for Hexoctahedron
    This is very good.
  • Avatar for Stellardrone
    Tatam, tatam...ta tam.
  • Avatar for MissWhiteMoth
    my current fave is Severance I, though I have to admit is pretty difficult to pick just one!
  • Avatar for vicdo333
    Amphitrites Patera their best. Everybody must try ones
  • Avatar for Solen_Svartnar
    о, а я думал мне одному видится местами нью эйдж. Binomial Fusion чуть более, чем охуенен. особенно обложка.
  • Avatar for moe_blunts
    Peter Andersson is a God! [2] Nebulous is my current favorite dark ambient album. Simply beautiful.
  • Avatar for ok-
    та пох. хороший альбом.
  • Avatar for humaniac
    тут даже не то чтобы транц, в раних вещах даже больше похоже на ньюэйдж, но конечно же мрачноватый. вообще тут нехилый замес стилей, поэтому и тегосрач. проект-то больше экспериментальный, где всякие нестандартные огрызки от предыдущих проектов и просто треки от нех делать хД
  • Avatar for slave2machine
    Trance sucks! Besides, what's wrong with "strange dark ambient"? While this isn't as good as "Nebulous", Peter Andersson is still a brilliant musician on his own...he doesn't need any help (or should I say interference) from a trance musician.
  • Avatar for Jorshas
    Trance? That's an insult !
  • Avatar for DemonicTutor
    Ew! Trance.. x( Atomine Elektrine is excellent as it is, it needs no silly trance beats.
  • Avatar for tripletres
    hey it is binomial fusion or biominimal fusion??? whatever It´s one of my favorites!
  • Avatar for nimbora_nava
    о да о да о да
  • Avatar for PassioneScura
    Elemental Severance... beautiful. I love the sounds of that album.
  • Avatar for PsychoPL
    @cygnus_ater So how would you tag it? IMO Tags are correct. It's dark ambient/industrial.
  • Avatar for cygnus_ater
    Что за срач в тегах((
  • Avatar for paololobo
    i like it!
  • Avatar for trancing
    it's impossible to say "great music" or "good music" here, because it will be too "superficial"... it causes strange feeling, however it's a good feeling.
  • Avatar for dwg_CADeat
    like ...
  • Avatar for A0508
  • Avatar for Anderz-
    Interesting. Really interesting.
  • Avatar for Vtvvvtvvvtg
    Strange "music"... Especially Archimetrical Universe
  • Avatar for Primordeum
    The Deep Invisible is quite brilliant, as expected. I'm not a big fan of albums containing only one extremely long track, but it works exquisitely in this case!
  • Avatar for PsychoPL
    In my opinion "Archimetrical Universe" is more intelligent than other AE's albums:] More complicated, colourful requires more attention...
  • Avatar for Sebekas
    Čia matau ant bajerio padarytas Lietuviškas grupės pavadinimas taginimuj:)))
  • Avatar for nullklever
    Why dark ambient?! %) It's space ambient! not dark. & very good! =)
  • Avatar for Primordeum
    The Deep Invisible out soon, can't wait!
  • Avatar for zeth666
  • Avatar for NotoriousNagash
    so good
  • Avatar for humanabattoir
    Not as good as Raison d'Etre, but to be honest, none of the projects are...
  • Avatar for humanabattoir
    ▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄ Indeed!
  • Avatar for Yakshto
    Just listened to Nebulous... Superb album, even better than Archimetrical Universe!
  • Avatar for Ritzis
    New album is amazing!
  • Avatar for Ritzis
    AE today in Vilnius :)
  • Avatar for esophagus
    i really wish Cosmos to sound like AE


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