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Born in NYC during the 80's, Atom was moved to So. California at the age of 3. By the time Atom was 12 he was involved in Hip-Hop culture, first through breakdancing and later through graf art. At the age of 15 he began rhyming. From that point on, hip-hop became his focus and his drive. He learned the arts of music production and recording, eventually establishing a home studio where local artists could record and purchase instrumentals. It was during this time that Atom perfected his craft as both an MC and a producer.

In 2002, Atom joined forces with the hip-hop crew Secta 7. Shortly thereafter, Atom independently released his first full-length LP, Sword of 77 Faces. Atom's intense style and verbal ability quickly gained the attention of hip-hop fans across the globe, establishing a small but growing fanbase. In December 2003, Download.com launched its music site, music.download.com, and in the first week of operation, Atom's track "A.I." (Sword of 77 Faces) received over 6,000 downloads. This made it the second most downloaded track on the entire site. The momentum was building.

After graduating from his university studies in 2004, Atom spent two months backpacking through South America. This trip changed his view on politics, poverty and to life. Upon his return in early 2005, Atom independently released his second LP, The Day the World Changed. That same year he was also voted "Solo Artist of the Year" on mp3unsigned.com, chosen out of twelve thousand other artists and groups. His track "A.I." remains one of the top 10 most downloaded songs on that site. (As of April, 2006.)

Atom has received radio play on numerous radio and internet stations, including KSDB 91.9FM, KDUR 93.9FM, KUCR 88.3FM, WRTE Radio Arte 90.5FM, UK Conspiracy Radio Worldwide and Redlightradio.com. He is working on his third album, Son of Slaves and Lords, which is set to drop in 2008.

Listening to Atom's music, it is hard not to be moved to thinking about matters that really matter. There is no quick fix for the planet but doing nothing is not the answer. We need a revolution for and by the people, not necessarily a bloodbath but a change. Change comes from ideas and Atom lays out quite a few. Now it's up to you to listen.

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