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Atari Teenage Riot is a German digital hardcore group formed in Berlin in 1992. Highly political, they fused left-wing anarchist anti-fascist views with punk vocals and the newly emerging techno sound that was called , which is a term Alec Empire later used in the name of his record company.

According to Empire, "Digital Hardcore initially meant the final questioning of everything, of the whole. The next step was a shorter one. The absolute negation, even to answer one's… read more

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  • Avatar for comate11
    I'm not gonna listen next album if will be based on NIC ENDO playin singering - this is waste. LIsten what happend to music. Lost power and melodicality with this forcing her into place of sing this is nonsense.
  • Avatar for comate11
    Yeah and replace NIC ENDO with skillfull singerin. NIC ENDO is not singerin. Replacing most amazing singerin with guitarist in band is very not effective thing . Last two albums blah in most part cause NIC ENDO is not singer she mostly talking or making song so slow like for grandmas. Hanin Elias is best melodical voice and real singerin and how someone mentioned SANDRA NASIC nr2. So many people could go to show to see real singers and freakin ideas. Everyone know why NIC ENDO is in place of sing - but i think this is not enough reason to make better music cause is not. She is not singerin (!)
  • Avatar for comate11
    No more this crappy 8bit sounds in music i hate that shit. This is parody. Old albums was based on noise, horror, sci-fi fx and guitars booster by hard beats and scream even panic and agression feel from track - that was boost. NEW TRACKS is so plastic. Plastic c-64 8bit sounds, slow singings, slow downs which kills suspence instead of more agressive impact at drops - goes slow down. Blach and thats 8bit , c 64 sounds instead of noise, abstract sci-fi fx to boost guitars with heavy beats. I want that impact which blow my head off we have technology now we can make sound so power that be able to head rip off. Adding nintendo 8bit sounds to slow singing emo songs not make atar fu*n awesome but go atari XXX levels before even started this is very bad and no progress. Atari can progres which can blow head out not go back and say it is revolution blach. Atari know what to do - why not doin it ? I dont know...
  • Avatar for comate11
    Why not suprise all ? Why not new agressive singerin ? Mind shocking video - futuristic surreal horror political cyberpunk video with Atari - but like storytelling not concert. Why not ? Why not some extra show with Hanin on video - Why not blow mind with few videos ? You ATARI still can blow this system up and make album which be heal and booster against last bad album in my opinion and that album will blow mind like boost with new sound tech - punk rock feel boosted by electronic hardcore dnb elements with custom ideas at speed and agression i want that rape of my mind like never before. I need my Atari which inspire me and shock me so much - my mind will be raped with stuff with speed power noise fear agression cyberpunk and horror. Aaaaa A i want that shit. I want ! Aaaaaaa
  • Avatar for comate11
    This is da direction of RED MATRIX PILL which ATARI should give us
  • Avatar for comate11
    Last album is lazy and sleepy - previous was more in half like that. Replace lazyness with fearness, agressiveness and surrealism like in da f*n horror from CROENENBERG like in da Revolution Action mix dat shit with cyberpunk and computer shit and do album like this. Give us mind agreession fear bomb which be best fear, surreal, hardcore+punk and electronic aphex twin - come to daddy ,hardcore without plastic sounds with agressive rap attacks like with previous MC and with scream panic fear in songs - instead of slow emo lazyness and plastic sounds. bLOW everybodys mind with extra speed and shit like that. That was atari for me.
  • Avatar for comate11
    F*k. I'm must be honest i need atari which blowing mind with surreal edge emotional videos like in old times with electronic forms which rapeing guitar/metal + breakcore hardcore beats. This is atari. This is energy which all we need. I want feel from atari inspiration which gives me ALEC EMPIRE album INTELLIGENCE AND SACRIFICE and ATARI TEENAGE RIOT albums represented with surreal videos with fear/horror/agression videos with mind exploding music expression this is what was for me ATARI - Inspiration. New album is not inspiration - previous had some tracks which was inspiration but still not that powerfull and abstract crazy shit with suggstive sounds. Atari still got it Alec stilll got it just kick by it da music.
  • Avatar for Vicchie
  • Avatar for CommandoBurzum
    Ridiculous shit...
  • Avatar for CommandoBurzum
    My grandpa died in holocaust hahahahahahahahaha

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