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At the Drive-In



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  • @Gtzk I think you're fairly well off the mark. It's tough to rank ATDI's albums since there are only three of them and they're pretty even in terms of quality, but I/C/O is a terrific album.
  • This is how Relationship should have been produced.
  • This album fuckin' rules.
  • imo this is way better than Relationship of Command.
  • funny how despite its supposedly more raw production and attempt at capturing the energy of their notorious live shows, it still appears domesticated, toothless and castrated next to relationship of command.
  • Hulahoop Wounds is the best fucking song ever.
  • Better than ROC [3]
  • Nothing in the world comes close to ROC, but this is damn good.
  • 2nd fav ATDI album. 1st being acrobatic tenement
  • LOPSIDED > all [2]
  • LOPSIDED > all
  • so close to beating ROC.
  • no doubt their best
  • perfect album [2]
  • Transatlantic Foe, Lopsided, Napoleon Solo, Hourglass, For Now . . We Toast, are the greatest on this album.
  • It's crazy how much a band can transform between albums. Given how aggressive Relationship of Command is compared to this. What's even crazier is that At the Drive-in pulled it off easily and created two of the best albums ever.
  • Easily their best album.
  • The last 3 tracks on this are fucking perfect.
  • Insanely awesome for something recorded live.
  • best ATDI release yep
  • For now... we toast, plox. My favorite album of theirs.
  • IMO, better than Relationship of Command
  • pickpocket!
  • best.
  • I feel as though this album is completely underrated. [2] =\
  • you lucky fuck
  • Napoleon Solo is my class song
  • Napoleon Solo > all
  • perfect album
  • Hourglass. Ftw
  • Chanbara.
  • Pickpocket is so nice.
  • just as good as relationship of command, if not better.
  • amazzzing. and napolean solo...just wow
  • Their best.
  • tour de force! tour de force! de facto!
  • love the rawness of this album... hulahoop wounds is especially epic
  • definetely their best..
  • Finally got around to listening to this album - it's awesome
  • yah this album was recorded quasi-live in the studio and captures the band raw. Which IMO makes it their best album. ROC owns but there is alot of studio tinkering to give it that massive sound.
  • I feel as though this album is completely underrated. I really dig this sound.
  • My favorite by them.
  • Hourglass <3
  • It's not a crap album, but it wasn't their best either. If you give it sometime, it turns out to be a good record. Alpha Centauri is a great opener, and Napoleon Solo is quite emotional if you know the story behind the song.
  • Best of ATDI IMAO!
  • Agreed. It's their best.
  • their best
  • Not crap at all. It's just not Relationship of Command. Hulahoop Wounds is the only bad song.

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