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  • Legitimate.
  • I'm sure everyone's heard by now but Astronautalis and POS are releasing an album under the name Four Fists at some point next year I think
  • http://otherhip-hop.com/2012/05/18/interview-four-fists-p-o-s-astronautalis/
  • cool
  • Good stuff
  • Apparently they were making an album together but there's been no news since Never Better was released. Maybe we'll see it after Astro's next record hits.
  • these two need to make an album together, couldn't be anything but amazing if they did.
  • Love this track and love last.fm for finding it for me!
  • give me more, i want more
  • fuck
  • If I could hang out with one person for a day, it would probably be Andy.
  • fucking incredible.
  • i <3 this song, but thought pos stood/stands for piece of ----, which just doesn't work out at all, unless it's supposed to be hilariously ironic/funny as any ol' thing ever could be... because, again... i love this song, & would never, never, call it a p.o.s. not n'evah, evah evah... <3 a B.b.o.m (Brilliant bit of magic), maybe... or something else... just don't say P.O.S. again.
  • pretty much the perfect song
  • <3
  • atooka tooka derka
  • Cool song bro
  • Did not know it was P.O.S. Like his solo shit too.
  • cool, figured it must be but just wanted confirmation
  • Yeah, it's POS. Great song, great album.
  • I came here to find out if it was POS as well, anybody know?
  • some1 plz help. cant find lyrics =/
  • pretty sure that's p.o.s. froom doomtree
  • I'd really like to know as well. Going to search now.
  • Anyone know who the other MC is?
  • And it was over all too quickly. Good end.

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