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In the Year 2032, the planet faced the most ghastly of monstrosities. A fleet of Truck-sized vaginas entered our atmosphere and began devouring our planet; starting with Wisconsin. After recklessly plundering the face of our planet for many months, they were defeated by the awesome pressence of the flying spaghetti montser. The only place left untouched by the vagina's wrath: the whole country of Canada. So, having fleed to the land of our wintery neighbors to the north. We did what anyone would have done. Started a Triple A pop sensation with what little technology we had left. After winning numerous contests on local radio from across the globe, me and my comrade were present with "The best people to ever inhabit the planet" award, and granted access to the last working time machine which we used to come and visit the peek of human existence 2006, where alchohol flows like blood, and meth is like whoa!1 Unfortunatly we were to drunk to operate the time machine properly and crash landed in some shit hole they call Knoxville, TN. But, fuck it atleast we rememembered to bring a copy of our CD. Enjoy fuckers!1


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