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What is Astrakan Project ?
a colourful and delicate oriental shine over wild Celtic music

Why Astrakan ?

(1) Astrakhan (with an h) : a Russian town on the Volga river and Caspian Sea.

(2) Astrakan (in French)

A very soft high grade pelt from the black sheep Karakul
An red apple with origins from Astrakhan
A knitting stitch pretty much used in Aran knitting styles

(3) Astrakan Project
Strakañ : to clap in the Breton language
Kan : singing

Which language did you say ?
Breton. It’s a Celtic language, still spoken by some few people in the western part of France. It has connections with Welsh and Cornish.

And who are you ?
Astrakan Project was initiated as a duo project, by Simone Alves (Vocals) and Yann Gourvil (strings and programming).

We’ve been playing together in various music projects for about 10 years. We started to work on this project 3 years ago, when moving to Istanbul, far away from Brittany : we had to keep playing our music, even only the 2 of us ! Sometimes we get the feeling that our music is more a part of us than something we actually “make”.

What are your songs about ?
Love, death, passion, revenge, politics, legends…. if you wanna know more, follow us on our blog ! http://astrakanproject.com

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