• Medium Thrasher Journals 2.0

    20 Feb 2009, 12:09 by HumanRejection

    Volume 2.0


    Welcome to another series of mind-boggling thrash! This will explain, in my opinion, the waves of which thrash came and a few explanations of sub-genres in this genre aswell. However, this is not be all end all information. My opinion is just the opinion made from various books I have read on this subject and demos/EPs I have got from that time. I was not born in the era when it started and was not even in my mother’s womb when it ended. So this is just a historic account which may be written like I was there as I do, do that sometimes. Enjoy.

    Waves of Thrash Metal

    The waves of thrash metal first started in the rush of NWOBHM artists which were producing faster, more original material in the late 70’s. Iron Maiden were just getting their footing with a couple of demos in 1976 and 1977 producing ‘Iron Copycat’ syndrome (Term coined by Gary Sharpe) which span into the first wave of Thrash Metal. …