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Assalti Frontali is an Hip-Hop band from Roma, Italia. Their political attitude (close to left wing and strongly anti-fascist) is a main point in their lyrics, that rarely are not politically oriented.
Active since early '90, their first LP is "Terra Di Nessuno" (1991), that is a not-yet mature, but interesting work that gave Assalti Frontali a large visibility in the italian scene. "Conflitto" (1996) is probably their earlier real masterpiece, melting in one record a rock/punk instrumental attitude with rapped lyrics in an original and interesting release for the time. This record has a particular lyrics attitude that involves doubts and questions on life and society, with a very dark mood proper of other kinds of music; quite far from the usual "i am the man" hip-hop attitude.
after many years in the independent italian scene they signed for a major and realeasd "Banditi" for BMG. the record is musically more close to Hip-Hop stereotypes but it has still a very strong attitude in the lyrics.
In 2004 Assalti returned in the independet scene where they grew and released "HSL" (acronym for latin "Hic Sunt Leones"). During 2006, after only 2 years from their last record Assalti Frontali is back with "Mi Sa Che Stanotte…" that could become their second masterpiece and give a large popularity to the band.

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