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  • Avatar for Konayukii
    @winternight119 yousei tenkoku and ali project are good alternatives
  • Avatar for winternight119
    they're no longer active :'( anyone know artists like them who are still active? i wanted to go to Asriel's last live but........ i didn't make it....... ah........
  • Avatar for alce-
  • Avatar for mokkorikuku
    Asriel Break Out. R.I.P
  • Avatar for sendomaho
    Asriel - Everlasting ???
  • Avatar for Dejayend
    Angelrhythm is soooo beautiful <3
  • Avatar for AliceSDemise
    asriel is the shit, i love this band so much. but the new album is amazing i like how heavy it is.
  • Avatar for Spectre_Doll
    I think the new album is a bit heavy, but song I like most is probably Chronus.
  • Avatar for sendomaho
    anyone know where I can find Asriel - Everlasting song?. I have only the short version.
  • Avatar for fierycrimson
    Resurrection is beautiful <3 [2] absolute masterpiece!
  • Avatar for Avaruuskameli
    Resurrection is beautiful <3
  • Avatar for freakymrq
    薔薇の棺に太陽は在らず is such a masterpiece
  • Avatar for winternight119
    Just, would love to go to a live of theirs....
  • Avatar for Akatsuki0004
    a fan tribute:
  • Avatar for QUMOKO
    黄昏の月と漆黒の太陽 is more like it. I didn't care much for Xanadu.
  • Avatar for Realz012
    xanadu album amazing! i repeated this album million times. KOKOMI <3
  • Avatar for CrazyAzazel
    Awesome new Indie Release! Any notes on why people tag some releases with "Kokomi" as artist? I don't think she is doing everything by herself..
  • Avatar for Avaruuskameli
    The new mini-album is just amazing <3
  • Avatar for vNyantov
    JUPITER is great.
  • Avatar for strawbrry-panda
    vote up!!! it's too gorgeous <3
  • Avatar for mitth77
    especially Metamorphose
  • Avatar for mitth77
    amazing music *_*
  • Avatar for nezumi90
    CrazyAzazel: Ok, thanks.
  • Avatar for QUMOKO
    For some reason I miss the Doujin days....
  • Avatar for CrazyAzazel
    nezumi90: There's no specific news about this two particular songs. Those songs are to be find on the newest release "Xanadu", and the news on October, 6th just informs about the release of "Xanadu" and the possibility of prelistening to some tracks.
  • Avatar for Azalin
    Xanadu \m/
  • Avatar for nezumi90
    Can someone translate the news about "Illuminate" and "その願いが罪ならば"?
  • Avatar for Cieeeeel
    Magnifique voix ^_^
  • Avatar for sendomaho
    really i want a good version of Everlasting T___T
  • Avatar for sendomaho
    they're getting better by the releases.[2] True story jiji
  • Avatar for LavenderYuki
    they're getting better by the releases.
  • Avatar for strawbrry-panda
    淡き 夢 見る 宵闇 ノ 骸 華​​ is really awesome♥
  • Avatar for hclairvoyant
    A new page for Asriel's new album, 淡き 夢 見る 宵闇 ノ 骸 華​​, has gone up at [group]Female-Fronted Metal Fans[/group]! Feel free to join us and discuss this album, plus many more of the latest female-fronted metal releases!
  • Avatar for GirlDeMo
    13th indies album release @ M3-29 (2012.04.30) & for trailer:
  • Avatar for Konayukii
    Falling in love for Asriel ♥
  • Avatar for Luconcio
    Someone knows some site that to sell shirts and posters of Asriel? I love this band an I want it. Thanks!!
  • Avatar for Nightbane112
    their music is like addictive <3 [2]
  • Avatar for sanrinoona
    love them since the first time i heard 'Garden' :) kokomi's voice is just too sweet for her own good <3
  • Avatar for strawbrry-panda
    their music is like addictive <3
  • Avatar for Kasuma1314
    Asriel Group
  • Avatar for OmnipotentGeass
    I like 紅玉髄(カーネリアン)の囁き
  • Avatar for iheartasiapop
    i recently just got into them. they are really awesome <3
  • Avatar for Feminism
    New album is good as expected!
  • Avatar for GirlDeMo
    Oratorium sounds nice, though the tracklist sounds repeating. The album kinda remind me to QuoVadis but more solid.
  • Avatar for QUMOKO
    Welp, I know what I'm listening to while I'm in the car for the next month. Move over Sarah Mclachlan.
  • Avatar for GirlDeMo
    New indie album: Oratorium | Release date: 2011.10.30
  • Avatar for Halfstreatk
    Sequentia Rulz <3
  • Avatar for ihatecaucasians
    First time hearing of them, or listening to any of their music; and I have to say Angel is an amazing song. Downloading Angel Rhythm now.
  • Avatar for rick-roll
  • Avatar for sendomaho
    i love the AntiQue ~2nd collection~


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