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  • Avatar for Indie-Addy
    Another link to Love Songs in Advance of the Landing:
  • Avatar for EmoCrewWatching
    RIP John Marston x 21 SO SAD
  • Avatar for JustAKayee
    I understand why they did it but i was so BUMMED that he died.
  • Avatar for Cogosho
    John :c
  • Avatar for cramilo11
    RIP John Marston x 20 :c
  • Avatar for samkeith
    indie, chiillout, psychedelic, mellow, and.... 90s. i just started listening to these guys they've got some good tunes, but shit those tags are terrible. how the hell are they tagged as 90s?
  • Avatar for still_Tukei
    RIP John Marston x18
  • Avatar for eN4ez
    Deadman's Gun & Mark IVιllιlι.ιl..ιllιlι.ιl.
  • Avatar for DEATHINFIREX
  • Avatar for cramilo11
    red dead redemption :D
  • Avatar for JustAKayee
    'Deadman's Gun' is so perfect.
  • Avatar for megatomik
    John Marston we will remember you!
  • Avatar for Slesar-int
    Check some sleaze/hard rock
  • Avatar for Sciomenihil
    RIP John Marston x17
  • Avatar for MissJuni
    Ashtar is not only Red Dead Redemption! This Band is sooo amazing!
  • Avatar for rsaraphael
    RIP John Marston!! Tanks rockstar for this ost haha
  • Avatar for eduardosmg
    RIP John Marston x16
  • Avatar for Analbyanal
    RIP cowboy
  • Avatar for CTYLXHY
  • Avatar for redbird
  • Avatar for Happyfinger
    RIP John Marston x15
  • Avatar for The_Cloud_Wolf
    RIP John Marston x14
  • Avatar for CTYLXHY
    Great song Deadman's gun!
  • Avatar for Metal-fun
    RIP John Marston x13
  • Avatar for eN4ez
    Deadman's Gun <3 <3 <3
  • Avatar for pirate_kidd
    RIP John marston....
  • Avatar for 9Nails
    RIP John Marston x12
  • Avatar for Bogonov
    RIP John Marston x11
  • Avatar for iamalreadynaked
    Deadman's gun is hauntingly beautiful
  • Avatar for Indie-Addy
    heres the download for love songs in advance of the landing.
  • Avatar for stevel18
    deadman's gun <3 !!!
  • Avatar for Rodrigodm
    and all the pain you've been facing
  • Avatar for MangaFreak91
    I really need their love songs in advance of the landing
  • Avatar for sami22
    RIP John Marston x10
  • Avatar for Indie-Addy
    thanks for alerting me, ill change my settings now.
  • Avatar for Diminution_
    Indie-Addy. I tried to inbox you but your privacy settings blocked me =( I'm kinda interested. Here is hoping you'll notice this.
  • Avatar for MarkSulla
  • Avatar for n20sqrl
    John Marston> Jack Marston. Deadmans Gun is great!
  • Avatar for Indie-Addy
    anyone interested in the Ashtar Command discography, inbox me. it's not being sold anymore.
  • Avatar for thisiswhyinever
    Blessed are the peacemakers.
  • Avatar for Veraldur
    Are the other tracks of that guy also as great as Deadman's gun?
  • Avatar for Tokipon
    @JORANDLOLOL So saying that the character mentioned dies isnt a spoiler? And finding out about this song is impossible if you havnt reached the ending?
  • Avatar for marcelius21
    Deadmans Gun is EPIC... And the ending too xD
  • Avatar for JORDANLOLOL
    this song plays during the CREDITS... nobody's spoiling anything.
  • Avatar for In54nity-30
    I love Rockstar for showing me this song and making Red Dead Redemption as well as GTA.
  • Avatar for lovelyfacehuger
    Blessed are the peacemakers.
  • Avatar for Grimmenfrost
  • Avatar for skowrons
    RIP John Marston x4
  • Avatar for errorb
    @lovebeeteebam: just play a band, it automatically goes to your library. that easy ;-)
  • Avatar for LoveBeeTeeBam
    Hey, I'm new to this website, so how do you add a band to your library? I don't see a button or anything, pleeease help! D:


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